Why Isn't my Jam Being Archived?

Hello all, this is my first post.

I have done a few jams so far, on the ninbot servers, and they seemed like they were pretty decent.
So I went to the internet archive here:


Where I see that jams are being archived every day.

Is there a way to know if any particular jam will be archived?



Thanks! All is clear now!

Thanks! All is clear now!

Oh yes, indeed the others

Oh yes, indeed the others have to be playing - the bots listen for silence, too, and ignore those parts. (That's how they split the jams up, too.)

Also, if I remember well,

Also, if I remember well, there has to be at least 2 persons present and there has to be sound going on.

This setup was made to avoid lone players that log on and stay all day without playing anything, or players using the servers as their "private archive"...

So as an example, if you log on a server that "can" record and start playing waiting for others, all that part where you are alone will not be there.

First place to start is

First place to start is here:


That's the list of jams that ninbot and the other bots have recorded where you were playing. If there's nothing there, then there's nothing to go to archive.org.

If the server you were on didn't have a bot recording you, then you'll not have been recorded and hence not get to archive.org.

Note that all the bots take a while to process the recordings.

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