Video Jam's

Hello people. How are you? Would any of you be interested in recording videos covering some classic songs?

I mean, since we have musicians from different genres, we could make some videos between ourselves, with those we have more affinity with.

I know some excellent musicians here, but not everyone may be willing to do that.

If anyone is interested, tell me, so we can choose the songs and produce to promote our community more. What do you think?

A big hug!

Whooow!!!, thanks Sooooocool

Whooow!!!, thanks Sooooocool for the Visuals, and the kind words. I'm almost blushing.
It was a nice session that night, super cool vibes. I hope we meet again soon with that crew.

Hey hey, Gracias Sooooocool por las Visuales y las palabras tan amables. Casi me estoy sonrojando.
Fue una sesión muy agradable la de aquella noche, unas sensaciones muy copadas. Espero nos reunamos pronto con esa banda.


When Good Singer met good

When Good Singer met good bassist and good guitarist in Rock Feeling..
Hope you will appreciate this groove.
Not Me (Singer) USA
SooCoolforlister (Guitar) New Caledonia
OrgilepBass (Bass) Argentina
Session 030720

Details of the next Jamulus

Details of the next Jamulus one are up:

They're aiming to get more "straight up jammed" content in, I'm hoping, too - I'm not a great fan of playing covers. (Though they've done great jobs.)

Good idea, Torben. We can do

Good idea, Torben. We can do this as well.

Ya, I'm not down with covers

Ya, I'm not down with covers though.

I do vox, bass, guitar, keys, live loops, live drum programming, Ableton & Push 2.

Can you perform in front of a camera, with good studio quality audio & video, whilst improvising live via ninjam/Jamtaba?
Do you have a solid, cabled (ethernet) internet connection ?

Then feel free to PM me. I need people for mixing tasks as well, since it can be difficult doing it all with only two hands.

Mostly looking for drummers, so if you have a friend who kills it on the cans, let them know I'm looking for remote collabs.

Oh, nice! Ty, pljones. I

Oh, nice! Ty, pljones. I will check this.

If you want to be in the

If you want to be in the video, you could sign up for a live set one Saturday.

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