Ummmmm..108 things that are great about Ninjam

1. You get to meet fantastic musicians from all over the world
2. You can jam from home
3. You have an excuse to set up a home studio
4. You have an excuse to buy stuff for your studio
5. You make friends with people from all over the world
6. You occasionally get to play something really great...some of you guys do all the time
7. You get to be amazed at the spirit of cooperation in a really good jam
8. You eventually learn the slider on the left doesnt make you any louder
9. You eventually learn that the randomness of ninjam is actually its strength and that without it the jamming would be very sterile
10. You get to have a laugh with your jamming buddies at the inevitable player who is way too loud..ok its always a guitarist..
11. You can always move to an empty server if the jam doesnt suit you...arent we lucky
12. You get an excuse to go mow the lawn if the jam doesnt suit you
13. You meet great people from all over the world who might not be great musicians but who are still great people
14. You get to be part of a community
15. You get to try and play styles of music you wouldnt normally attempt
16. You learn that there are many many better players than you and that you will have to practice if you want to get better

Anyone else want to add to this?

Another good thing about

Another good thing about NINJAM is Mutant, and you can play with a drummer with out the neighbours complaining about the noise levels. :)

100+ - I think the best

100+ - I think the best thing about Ninjam is obviously the "jam" part. I've tried a few of those other collab sites where you basically upload crap and for me they never really resulted into anything more than an exercise in tediousness. But with Ninjam you just shut up and play.

108. I was the 44444 th

108. I was the 44444 th reader on mapper :)

. His life turns into music

. His life turns into music and you think about it all day. Think in the morning, afternoon, at work, at leisure. Think of transforming the lives part of his new tune. Think of going beyond their problems and doubts it. Believed to postpone solutions. Think of the Ninbot Map always look to see who's playing. Think fondly on the people you created new harmine. And finally, would only be silent without any music.

106. You become Borg and

106. You become Borg and Assimilate people, Resistance is Futile.

105. In every thread

105. In every thread positive energy keeps winning out. Funny that.

104. You realize after

104. You realize after breaking many strings and sticks that the music store is a sweet place to be

103. and with this i thank

103. and with this i thank ninjam and his users for not letting me dry out of thirst and for the great tips i get to save some money... :-)

You could travel to the UK

You could travel to the UK and try some of these deals :D

102. Singing and playing

102. Singing and playing gets me budget of buying cola lights is reaching the top!!! Is there something like a support group or sponsering group in ninjam for this?

101. You get to say there

101. You get to say there are one hundred and one.

94. You realize that all it

94. You realize that all it takes is one person to initiate a jam, and vise person to destroy it. If ya don't like it, you can leave it or change it :) (or mute it lol)

95. You realize just how many talented musicians the are in this world that don’t get the recognition they deserve!! Gives them a chance to be noticed...

96. You realize that you DON'T sing/play better after a few alcoholic beverages! lol it's all good people still jam with ya anyway!

97. You realize just how much you play the same ol' crap over and over...depending the session and the people you’re jamming with how different it sounds.

98. You realize just how supporting some of your fellow Ninjammers are!!...a few words of encouragement can go a very long way!!

99. Within Ninjam there are several different VST's (fxs I think they are called), where you can change your guitar into a bass, vise versa...great fun :)

100. Yayyy!! I realized that I friggin LOVE NINJAM!! lol

93. You don't get adverts.

93. You don't get adverts.

"TGFT" --- :OOOO "(thank

"TGFT" --- :OOOO

"(thank god for that)" --- Phew! :>



(For A Moment There I Thought I Was Going To Spend Another Day Pondering Letters!)


92. You learn to appreciate

92. You learn to appreciate that a black-coloured webpage background is very conducive to late-night viewing!

Andy,TGFT. :) (thank god for

Andy,TGFT. :) (thank god for that)

I got you pencilled in for one of the Operas, so if
you could wait a bit longer...

I can do sorta Opera, but I

I can do sorta Opera, but I just been sparing you. :)
Maybe a bit in this Friday's Party as more will be tipsy and able to handle it. haha :)



91. You get to have the

91. You get to have the challenge of creating Ninjam the rock opera. Unfretted???

90. You don't get any Opera.

90. You don't get any Opera.

89. You buy less CDs.

89. You buy less CDs.

88. You realize that

88. You realize that although it has a learning curve, Ninjam Session view for online collaboration is the BOMB :)

79. You realize everyone

79. You realize everyone loves you as much as you do.

Hahaha, that was a Joke btw. :P

79. You get to know your Vocal Range and how too much Beer can affect it.
80. You don't care about 79 and drink too much beer anyway.
81. You get to have great NINBOT Parties.
82. You get to know people like Meanness and the Animal/s comes out in you. :P :)
83. Old Mac Donald really can be done in a Disco Genre via NINJAM.
84. You realize swedish people are so cool, generally because it always snows there. :)
85. The Dutch Love Ganja more than the French when playing in NINJAM. ;)
86. The French Love Ganja more than the Dutch when playing in NINJAM. :D
87. The USA is one of the biggest cuntries in the world to use NINJAM. :P

78. You realise everyone

78. You realise everyone else loves ninjam just as much as you do.

#77 you realize your server

#77 you realize your server now has a giant discussion for which the navigation controls are clearly inadequate

You send Drunks to

You send Drunks to heaven?
Wait, let me get my Shotgun from Doom, I'll be right there. :)

On another Note:
"Andy Calling Tom, come in Tom, this is Andy Calling Tom, come in Tom?
Are there you are, I have quite a bit of static so I'll be quick.
My mouse wheel is becoming very worn, could you add page selection at top of page as well.
It's starting to break up, I'm losing it, Tom, Tom can you hear me? Ton........ Shhhhhhhhhhh"

Ha Ha Andy, in Sweden thats

Ha Ha Andy, in Sweden thats called a PC Jesus, I have the same effect on drunks...

I have this kinky thing

I have this kinky thing going on with PC's, its freaky but at times people have brought pc's to me to fix and literally just being near them has caused them to start working again.

I also glow at night and levitate. :)

I didn't read all yet, just gonna watch a movie but will read it after.

76. You realise how much the

76. You realise how much the computer hates you.

75. You should also know

75. You should also know that there are two sides to the coin,
When someone improvises freely, she plays, as it were, "without memory" (to quote Derek Bailey); the "framework" is merely a frame to hang the painting. Often, the improviser forgets concepts of normality, humanity, order, chords, scales, tunes and improvises in a manner suggestive of a crime of passion, flight of fancy, psychosis, hubris, thunderbolt, tornado, the Dionysian (think Brötzmann). But free improvisation often takes on a different sense of amnesia. This second sense is sometimes reminiscent of the kind of amnesia Shakespeare's Oberon and Puck cleverly bring upon the nightly lovers in A Midsummer Night's Dream but more often and more relevant is the amnesia of Beckett's blind Pozzo and mute Lucky in Godot -- this improvisation is tragi-comical, spacious, absurdist, unexplained, dreamlike, tongue-in-cheek Apollonian, conscious but conscious of nothing (think Bailey).

As a matter of contrast, amnesia is not a praiseworthy trait for the typical jazz musician (it will get her kicked off the bandstand). "Forget what you know and just play" cannot have the same meaning in mainstream jazz as it does in free improvisation. Even if the experienced jazz musician does not have to think of the chord changes or meter, even if she simply closes her eyes and blows, there are still structures intrinsic to the music that influence the scope of her playing and limit the possibilities for a certain kind of expression (viz., free expression). The jazz musician is similar to an analytic philosopher. She is a problem solver, which is not inherently a bad thing, but it is an unappealing job description for those of us who hate problems and want simply to express ourselves with as little restriction as possible. Ayler once recounted a gig in Stockholm: "I started to play what was in my soul and the promoter pulled me off the stage." He explored his internal logic rather than the external, problem oriented logic of the band. This was mystifying, occult, obscure to others, but expression demanded this of him -- external logic gets in our way, internal logic creates a way. "So I went to play for little Swedish kids in the subway. They heard my cry." Amen.

To summarize...

free Improvisation vs. "jazz" ["vs." taken only the comparative sense!]

creation vs. interpretation
venting vs. problem solving
internal logic vs. external logic

Thanks to Thomas Kushin for putting this in writing!

Thank God for the real ABBA,

Thank God for the real ABBA, 171 years of Swedish quality...

Andy you are right

Andy you are right !.......... in your meaning !
Progression chords and melodic line are the foundation. I agree with you also that ABBA is good example.
Indeed for my opinion, Back, Mozart, Paganini, and others had defined complexe structure of progression chords.
I'm fan of Yngwie Malmsteen and on "Gimme ! Gimme ! Gimme !" he writet a chorus awesone with lyricism. (I give you the mp3 if you want).
In this case great melodic chorus must be done on ABBA.

On Ninjam I analysed that the best jams in which I participated had the following points :
74. A progressin melodic loop in place synchronised on alls musicians
75. A Melodic line on voice or instrument appear
76. Then they can let off stream on chorus
77. back to melodic line
78. go again on chorus with others participant.
In other case just a drum machine ! Inspiration will not comming !

79. The usage of the distorsion rots audio band and blends all harmonic in a hubbub. Misters guitarists use a light saturation, especially when they meet in more than 3 guitars.

I was in full possession of my means when I have write this.

Bilos Strat.ø¤º°*°º¤ø

LOL. I stumbled across one

I stumbled across one tune by mistake when playing then realized that a lot of there tunes are very similar progressions and chords.
ABBA tend to get associated these days with being gay but I like there music and how it was achieved, like where he doubled what was being played, they played same again and layered it, it's what gave the sound a big feeling.

If people ask if I'm gay I explain that ABBA is another stop in my Journey to discover music's meaning. :)

And the journey continues...

AndyMc> 71. You get to learn

AndyMc> 71. You get to learn ABBA songs too. :)
I'm still hoping you're talking song structure ("form") rather than Scandinavian pop groups... though somehow I feel it's the latter... ;)

73. the previous comment was

73. the previous comment was number 72.

You eventually learn to count here...that brings me to number:

74. for who needs prove: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 ......pfffffffff to exhaustive

71. enjoy yourself and dont

71. enjoy yourself and dont be to serious all the all other moments this will eventually pass.

With this in mind, really let it sink in. Take a look around, and realize you are in
the middle of something great.
Life is short!!!

71. You get to learn ABBA

71. You get to learn ABBA songs too. :)

70. U learn 2 abbr.

70. U learn 2 abbr.

65.- Everybody it is

65.- Everybody it is beautiful. everybody it is nice.
66.- I don't have feeling that my english improve, but I feel know a lot of word and bad word in english
67.- A B C D E F G , are realy universal common language
68.- the level of relationship are better, but it is the music style which creates clans
69.- Item 47 prepare to Item 69 it's not writted at this moment, but
I give option by advance 'Peace and Love'

I love you all
Bilos Strat.ø¤º°*°º¤ø

I love its now 64 and

I love its now 64 and growing and what a clever person who started this thread. :)

This I think is one of the best threads I EVER seen on a Forum. :)

I'm going to feature it on Ninjamers and get more people over to it see if we can make it grow to triple figures. :)

I love the lounge - being

I love the lounge - being able to listen in, without loading the client, and I love the players list - being able to see where everyone is from - though not 100% accurate as it shows me as from Bangkok and I swear I've never been there! LOL I love the spirit behind it and the opportunities it gives us. Mad crazy fun.

64.- You learn (if you

64.- You learn (if you didn't knew) about the advantages of cooperating instead of competing. ;)



You mean NINJAM isn't my

You mean NINJAM isn't my real life..? o.O

No you can't! :P

No you can't! :P

63. You can quarrel without

63. You can quarrel without real life consequenses.

Haha Eric @ 58. :) 62. You

Haha Eric @ 58. :)

62. You can even play nude if you've just jumped out the shower and heard a great Jam going down but no time to Dry or Dress. :)

Attempting this may ruin your manhood if slapping a bass, also avoid viewing pictures of a sexual nature. Check for Hidden Camera's, make sure the front door is securely bolted to avoid unscheduled interruptions and/or embarrassing moments.

Music is my best friend and

Music is my best friend and it will be my last..

58. You can play in your underwear :)
59. You can look like s*** but play like hell
60. You can drop silences but noone will notice
61. There is no plan so nothing can go wrong

Oo :P ;)

Oo :P


57. You eventually learn

57. You eventually learn just how mental musicians really are... lol

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