BAN Bilos ! He's toxic for us

Ladies and Gentlemen ! I propose that we vote for Bilos to be banned from the community because it is a poison for us all. Let's all vote. Ban or not Ban !!!

I don't support the idea of

I don't support the idea of banning people whatever the reason. It is my opinion there are enough tools available today to deal with trolls on the individual level.

Sorry Mutant I didn't know

Sorry Mutant I didn't know there was a tribute. Was just thinking earlier today about Manu and then Ritual popped in my head then you said about him.
But I'll be up for a tribute track for them. We also lost someone else way back but I forget the name now. :|

Nobody is putting any words

Nobody is putting any words in anybody's mouth. I've been attacked several times by a toxic, ill willed Bilos before, and I'm sure it's happened to a multitude of people. Sure, if you're only on ninjam one or two nights a week, how on earth are you supposed to know what kind of toxic behaviors this entity exhibits ?

I personally find the people holding the umbrella for such idiotic trolls equally idiotic.

Instead of supporting the free and open format that we all love, you're babying Bilos', and his off spring of trolls and hater attitudes like creative, who at every chance he gets, pisses on someone elses creative flow in the room he's sitting idle in. You guys say nothing about that kind of s***, almost like you're clapping in your hands that someone is putting the creative driving forces down. I don't know what kind of sick jealous behaviour that is, but I don't support it for one f***ing second. Bilos has been parading around in ninbot and ninjam rooms being a jerk, literally, to people he has no relations with, whatsoever, for a freaking DECADE. Does this mean EVERYONE has had problems with this sorry entity ? No. Many have just been going with the flow, muting or not, no one will ever know, you, who never speaks up And is muting really the answer? Seems like a very weak way of dealing with reality. Sure, many have successfully "jammed" to this kind of robotic practice scale routines dubbed "neo classic" for the lack of any extra brain cells to describe said chromatic warmup routines. And if you find that enjoyable, by all means, go "jam" to that, no one is stopping anyone from doing that.

Does this mean that there has not been many other ninjammers, who clearly has been nothing but displeased with this creatures behavior and one-dimensional approach to music playing? No. Does this make you a good judge of other people? That you yourself have not experienced it, you disregard other people's experiences with said organism ? That's like serial killers supporting serial killers instead of the victims. Or like if you people went into rape victims forums and started saying s*** like "well he's never raped me, so I'm not sure I trust what you people are saying, I need to be raped personally by this man before I can know for sure if he is really a rapist or not, and if he is, I need to know how bad of a rapist he is because if he's just a mild rapist, I will find that okay because my character is so f***ing weak anyway"

Condoning this type of behavior, and to make matters worse, bitching about how some of us are trying to speak out against such toxic sick behaviour, really speak volumes to the lack of collective community in here.

We all gotta be oh so f***ing politically correct. Well guess what, Bilos has not had to make any effort out of his ordinary life of being an asshole jerk. No changes has been made. Nothing has been done to try and become a better person. I and many others on the other hand, have had to consciously avoid these jerks, to avoid being flamed for how we sing, what words we choose to sing, what we play, how we choose to play what we choose to play, hence why many have left and or gone to private channels. I will never get my will and have a 4-5 ppl max ninbot room, we're always gonna have stupid f***ing 8-10 ppl rooms so there'll always be room for pricks like Bilos and Creative to come in and ruing the day. Because NONE OF YOU supported me on the many occations I suggested that. Even the max 6 people room was not there to stay, none of you guys supported me in my wish for smaller roomed ninbot rooms to avoid the conflict of always having bilos or similar people come in and ruing jams that where going fine when we where 3-4-5 people in there........ I will never forget the lack of support from so many of you. You had nothing to loose by there being one or two rooms with lower max number of people, yet still there was no support for the idea, quite the contrary. Most the replies where shooting down the idea saying you can just mute the other people. What kind of stupid way of thinking is that? Not trying to fix the problem just "mute" other people. Great. Real smart solution.. Guess what. Muting doesn't help unless everyone collectively mutes that person. 9 times out of 10 not everyone does, so it still ruins the jam.

Luckily elisier, who's created a fantastic program: Jamtaba, has updated it, so you can now create private rooms - YAAAY !

I just want to say for the

I just want to say for the record, that I don't have any problem with Bilos personally any more than I do with anyone else here.I don't really wish to get involved with this kind of stuff when it occasionally appears on the ninbot forum for whatever reason. But I think everybody should give it a rest, because it's just petty.

For me Bilos in fact was the only person who was nice enough to record something for the tune I tried to make last year in memory of Ritual, which I had hoped more people would collaborate on. Ritual was someone who often jammed here every day for close to ten years, yet not a single other person here cared enough to join in tribute to him, only Bilos. So quite frankly, for all the talk of any genuine sense of community here, I don't think Bilos is a threat to it, because IMHO it always seemed at best perhaps somewhat tenuous to begin with. I think the only real threat to the so-called Ninbot community is this kind of arguing nonsense. People talk trash online and wrestling is also fake, so what. Life is short, everybody I hope, just try to have fun and jam.

I almost wrote something

I almost wrote something here. ;)
You´re right Andy.
Let the ppl searching for problems continue with that. ALONE.
And ignore.

Must be better things to put

Must be better things to put your energy in.
It´s not strange it is war on this planet.

And plz dont put words in other ppl´s mouth. Bilos isn´t toxic for us.
Maby he´s toxic for u. But us is a bit bigger than u.

Life's too short though for

Life's too short though for hate, hating comes back around on you. The more you hate outwards the more hate that comes back in.

I hate hating and when I do for the right reasons I hate it more because I'm hating to I get more hatey and angry cos someone has sucked me into hating. Then I come off ninjam with bad experiences wishing I never connected in the first place.

Like Bardo mentioned in another place about just having fun.
Too many want to try make the perfect music and get angry that ninjam isn't able to allow them to do that.

That's like shooting yourself in the head over and over and over.

And again I find myself saying it, people with glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones.

You assume Torb I'm not aware of when someone is hating on me, I just choose to not allow it to fester in me.
My attitude is 'Oh Well!' and leave it in the past, else if we'd all be picking at each other for multitude of things.

So you see I not swing from side to side, and I will back up another if I have seen, so have factual information on it, but I just choose not to drag it on and keep on hating.
Cos that only ends up getting me down, pissed off a lot and so on.

Negativity is hate, it's hate on a jam and just ruins the jam for all. So no matter the reasons behind it, it's trolling a jam.

What’s worse, letting a

What’s worse, letting a toxic hater with mental problems like Bilos roam around free with no supervision or guidance, or the community crying out for someone to put a sock in said toxic hater? People like that are not gonna seek professional help, so I vote for the complete ban too. It’s been a decade of s*** from this person, and the attitude just keeps getting worse and worse. Why do we allow pathetic characters like “creative” to be such a jerk on the chat while we’re jamming? Because we realize he’s got mental issues like Bilos but no one wants to be the one saying or doin anything and the few people that technically can, won’t unless enough people bang on their door. So ya, I would love to never see those names here or in Jamtaba ever again. Problem is you won’t know for sure, if your jam will get f***ed by one of these pieces of sh!t. There’s always the chance of them jumping in a room you’re in, out of the blue, and start with their s*** in the chat or with their playing, ruining jams, ruining people’s vibe.

That’s why we see posts like this trying to stop them once and for all. And they are the prime reason why many are never on ninjam anymore - they got tired of the same old crap from bilos, phil_d, creative and the likes, and never came back.

Is that fair to any of us?

If this is mob mentality, that means bilos is “the good guy” lol I’m sorry but that’s because there’s a big troll inside you too Andy, wanting to please everybody but still kinda troll and swing both ways and be friends with everybody like you’re taking bilos’ part now and the other day where talking smack against him... I understand and respect that you are so good with people Andy, but some times u also gotta take a stand and stick to it ;)

I do agree with Phil on the

I do agree with Phil on the point of not calling out in public for banning, it does feel a bit like a mob mentality.
But I get when people are annoyed by actions of others they may come here to vent.

I will still get on with bilos even if he doesn't with me for things I've said but I know Bilos has a thick skin and non of this really bothers him.
When I say I see bilos action but I also see a lot of 3rd and 4th party hate towards him, which I'd question and find they'd just heard it from someone else and now are hating Bilos too.

Anyway Bilos is certainly having his 5 seconds of fame on ninbot and ninjam atm.
It all seems a bit over the top at times compared to what I've witnessed.

But that's just my opinion and based on what only I've seen.
I'm @AndyMcProducer on:
FaceBook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Youtube, bandhub and others.

maitresse , il a dit que l

maitresse , il a dit que l autre avait dit que ta maman pue de la chatte !!!!!!!!!!
ceci n est qu un exemple de failloterie !
se ne sont pas mes propos propres , juste qu un exemple !
on va ou là serieux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

j ai 3ans et je fais caca dans ma couche
nan mé ho sérieusement !!!!

si j étais sournois ou

si j étais sournois ou autre les gens me l auraient dit depuis le temps !!
hors je n attaque personne , chacun son monde,
je suis juste déçu de la tournure , cela prends des proportions que nul n auraient imaginer!
il faut que cela cesse !
c est d un niveau maternelle !
arrêtons là .

Peace and Love my friend.

Peace and Love my friend.

Ma vulgarité n'est pas aussi méchante que certaines personnes avec leurs attitudes et leurs comportements. Vous avez craché sur beaucoup de gens depuis tant d'années (Ezee, Brunaldo, Benjamin, ManuZ (RIP) ect...) et là vous faites les victimes insultés et tourmentés par un lézard !!! Stop l'hypocrisie, la communauté a bien compris qui est bon et qui est mauvais. L'avenir nous le dira mais le présent nous le vivons avec un certain anon (alias bilos) qui s'est mis à la musique techno et qui joue un peu trop fort, lui le spécialiste des Db. Est-ce un crime de chanté du RAP avec un anonyme ? A vous de jugez. Merci pour lui, c'est courageux de ta part mais tu fais parti des personnes sournoises et méchantes.

NB : Je vote pour mon non bannissement.

finaly i Ladies and

finaly i Ladies and Gentlemen ! I propose that we vote for KramKameleon to be banned from the community because it is a poison for us all. Let's all vote. Banned !!!

we are a community, we do not want people who insult others for free, i help people time to install their apps so that they can connect to ninbot, that i do not understand that we leave in the comunautie kind of specimen who insults others .
nous sommes une communauté , nous ne voulons pas de gens qui insultes les autres gratuitement , j aide temps de gens a installer leurs softs afin qu ils puissent se connecter a ninbot, que je ne comprends pas qu on laisse dans la communauté se genre de spécimen qui insulte autrui .
c est la porte ouverte au malotrus !

need translation : f*** u r mum , f***yourself, son of bitch , bastard . i f*** you .........

i can t translate more
that s a kid language need baned .
KramKameleon to be banned from the community because it is a poison for us all. Let's all vote. Banned !!!

oups sa pike !!

oups sa pike !!

lamentable !!! modère tes

lamentable !!!
modère tes propos !
certains MP3 du serveur démontre ta mauvaise foie !
sur se coup tu ferais mieux de la fermer !
tu ose dire ceci cela mais tu est pire qu autrui !
merci aux admins d écouter l audio , et de bannir ceux qui insulte gratuitement les autres !
please banned karma
link s comming ...
lamentable !!!
moderate your words!
some MP3s of the server shows your bad liver!
you'd better shut up!
you dare to say this but you are worse than others!
thanks to the admins to listen to the audio, and to banish those who insult others for free!
please banned karma !!!!!
mp3 s true !!
listen that



Bilos you've lost it, your

Bilos you've lost it, your list of names is just people who wouldn't take ya unprovoked BS and didn't agree with you.

You've become petty, jealous, mean and hating. I never see this but heard many say it then I got to see it first hand a few times and realised what others were saying was correct.
I never judge on anything until I've seen for myself.

Your trying to portray yourself as a victim now, which is probably why you removed your posts.
In this account and what you been doing on ninjam you are not the victim but the perpetrator.

That list of names is mainly made up from the growing number of your friends who have turned against you for your actions.

It's not too late to come in from the cold, but going around on ninjam servers telling people Jamtaba software has a backdoor hack which Elieser has put in is just stupid in 2 ways.
First it will make you look more a tool once people realise your just hateful lying.
Second, Jamtaba is OPEN SOURCE, so the code is publicly visible on Github, and is made by several contributors.

I think you don't like Jamtaba because it has a user block function, and most probs have you blocked for your hating.
WE and I say we as I speak to many on ninjam and all agree we come on for some fun and social engagement, not to be told how s*** we are, how s*** the genre we play is, how we should be doing it like this and not like that.
Everyone can jam how they like as long as they are playing or attempting to play with others in the server.
You have a Volume fade for all, use it instead of your hating words.



le bannir ce serait lui

le bannir ce serait lui porter de l interet , ce n est qu un idiot dedoublé d un mytho , le roi du sweep mal fini , c est a ca que je le reconnais malgré ces differents pseudo , laissez le , personne ne joue avec de toutes manieres , du moins quand on voit ecrit bilos , apres en anonyme ca l oblige a ne pas sortir son sweep legendaire donc plus rien en fait , je me demande ce qu il vient foutre ici d ailleur , imcapable de caler un bt sur ninjam pour que tout le monde joue , il n a toujours pas compris le principe du BPI ou plutot ca l arrange que ce ne soit pas calé , pour eviter la raclé , comme ca lui seul est a peu pres en rythme et les autres sont du coup decalé , bref , j te comprends bien karma mais ne lui fait pas ce plaisir , oublie le .



Ne vas pas au paradis, tu

Ne vas pas au paradis, tu n'y connais personne …

Ciao l'artiste !!!

Ciao l'artiste !!!

Not necessary to ban me I

Not necessary to ban me I quite this ninbot social network
I had removed myself all my contribution
I just leave track of your insults
Let my last thread "My beautiful screens when a user Jamtaba connects"

For my account I wait virile administrator remove it .
There is no unsuscribe command! Another poorly made user interface. I would have liked click myself

Save yourself the effort of making a vote! I know you are lazys. I think of you :)

The vulgarity of some give way to their lack of technical and musical skills.

I will not advertise your smartphone software Jamtaba.
You go crazy with your cameras and your ridiculous videos!

I especially thank the hyenas:
Creative, NotMe, Grizzly, Karmakameleon, Ocean, Andy, Marcusbazz, Torben Scharling, Gaz, Jon, Stringer, Karlpopper, bearscalpel.
The common point are jealousy, low skills, and verbal vulgarity



ahahahah !

ahahahah !

Bilos need to move on from

Bilos need to move on from Phil to Dr Phil.

BAN and kickass

BAN and kickass

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