Tom Benoit. Thank you for 10 years of providing this free service.

There has been some serious s*** on here lately, so... All you whingers shut the f*** up unless you want to invest the time money energy and stress Tom has in providing this FREE service for over TEN tears. Free for you dickheads, free. AGAIN all you whingers shut the f*** up. Have you ever done anything approaching that level of commitment? None of you ever have.You wont you never will. THANK YOU TOM. Was I a touch aggressive in my tone? Boo Hoo.

The least we can do is thank

The least we can do is thank you Tom, you work in the shadow, for us to play music. We all thank you on ninjam. Lordy

Thank you very much Tom!!!

Thank you very much Tom!!! and all who contribute in the shadows to the ninjam ecosystem :D

Thanks Tom !!!

Thanks Tom !!!

Thanks to everyone involved

Thanks to everyone involved running this site, and in particular to Tom !

Nice idea to thank Tom .

Nice idea to thank Tom . Hard job , particulary those last months Thanks again ... only main thing is to keep this service going .... and it is gently going on ... long life to ninjamming !!

Bad Ass Tom! Thanks!

Bad Ass Tom! Thanks!

Thanks Tom ;-)

Thanks Tom ;-)

Thank you Mister Tom !

Thank you Mister Tom !

Thanks Tom!

Thanks Tom!

Yep! Thank you Tom, u big

Thank you Tom, u big dog you!!!
Thank you for my weekly distractions from Reality!
Made some great friends thru ninjam and I'm pretty sure I haven't pissed anyone off yet.

See ya Friday!

Merci à toi Tom

Merci à toi Tom

Thanks Tom for his free work

Thanks Tom for his free work and ninjam change my life too... lets play with others and have FUN !!!
Ninjam for me keep been has a miracle for me how this soft work... lets keep this spirit of a good COMUNITY... lets keep this spirit of freedom and respect that the majority of people HAVE!!!
in rooms actually in more repect that unrespct, so lets play more music that speach less,
thx all

I want to Thank Tom too, and

I want to Thank Tom too, and all those who contributed to great jams over the years.
I also want to thank the production team, Roland and Yamaha for making such great instruments.
I want to thank my mum and dad, all my friends and I dedicate this award to, wtf, get off it.
s*** sorry, here ya go Tom, I got carried away.

We all just need to jam more

We all just need to jam more & get on with it like marcusbazz!

Stringer, read the original

Stringer, read the original post.

OP wrote a similar undiplomatic comments in the "block bilos" thread, totally unnecessary as the topic was over long before he decided to revive it. "Someone" (I'm assuming) then probably had Tom remove the entire thread. I come in to see what's up, thread is gone, I'm like ok fine let's move on (though no one can now read what's been up and why there's been a few changes like the lounge chat being disabled...)

Only now, a new topic has been created celebrating ninbot aniversary, I'm like cool, let me give a nice comment and thank Tom as well. Unfortunately thread content also includes basically p!ssing on everyone.

I call it as I see it and when I see stuff like that, I comment as if that person said that to my face.

I'm a gold member too and have been ninjamming thousands of hours since 2009, put in blod sweat and tears to get jams going, help people out with setups, audio advice etc. but I don't see what any info like that has to do with this.

As I said in the comment in the now deleted thread: "lead by example".

Thank you so much

Thank you so much Tom.

Discovering ninjam 8 years ago was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
Made great friends, had zillion hours of fun and although im not playing that much and off for the past couple of years im proud to have decided to upgrade my membership in order to support this great thing we have here.
I invite others to do the same, 40$ is nothing if you think on the amount of happiness and pleasure we get from this platform.

Thanks again Tom.
Awesome Stuff

uh oh... looks like it's

uh oh... looks like it's time to post this again!

Forum and Server Rules
Submitted by Admin on Tue, 12/30/2008 - 08:29.

Okay, first off let me say this post really doesn't apply to 99% of you. Since I'm not big on a lot of rules we are only going to have one...

be cool

Since a lot of people may interpret this differently,
here's a definition...

Don't start fights
Don't threaten people
Don't post/say things that are critical of others.
Don't use nasty language
Don't hurt the vibe

This applies to not only the forum,
but especially the servers where we play.
Again, sorry to those this doesn't apply to.
Thanks for keeping this a fun place to hang out and jam.

Love, Peace and Music


Things have been cooling down and you become part of the problem by talking this way Torben.

'thenextday' has been jamming here since the beginning of time and it wouldn't surprise me if he's a friend of tbfx's. I know tbfx (we jam together IRL sometimes) and wonder how the recent nonsense has affected him too.

Tbfx posted one rule that's easy to understand... Everyone in the weird musical fishbowl he keeps and cleans for us needs to respect it and get on with the business of having fun!

Thanks Tom

Congratulations on

Congratulations on presenting yourself as an obnoxious prick, great job.

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