Is there a *simple* way to set up a private server?

Is there an ELI5 way to setup and use a private server? Windows 10 64 bit here.

Thanks in advance

Nobody dares to raise except

Nobody dares to raise except me! So….
This morning I came on one of these public servers.
Those who claim to provide beats, bass, chords, vocals, loops, in fact do nothing! Nop! Zero! None!
Worse they do not even give a hello when we talk to them!
My ears notice the lack of musician on the servers! We meet only technicians of MAO and VST, hackers parameters. Sound diffusers. And psychologists of the smartphone.

It's in the studios, gentlemen, that we make recordings, models! or on collaborative sites!
On public servers we jam! We work his instrument! we loose ourselves!
YES: I'm for jams on public servers!

Gentlemen, It is easy to make private servers with Cockos this is very well explained.

What are you waiting for?
and stop sectarianism with musicians who want to jam, learn and train on their instruments.
To hear stupid "Tchac tchac poum poum" for hours becomes painful! Program better your drums machines or make like me broadcast recorded loops with real drummer bumping!

YES I'm for, jams on public servers!
YES Make yours servers private and stop polluting the server hard drives with your stupid LMAOs
YES: let's talk about music!
STOP your technical snobbery.

I support people wanting to

I support people wanting to do their own thing, so I think it would be great if some of these guitar solo egoists jump over to private rooms, but they don't now do they?!

No, they usually don't, cause they would rather jump into the public rooms and leech on the ones that are providing beats, bass, chords, vocals, loops that they can ego solo over because "hey look mommy, I'm a lead guitarist?!!" they wanna log out of a room AS SOON as something doesn't fit their egotistic ways. and leave with no thank you's. No goodbye. No, hey Torben, thanks for providing drums for me to play my s*** on. They don't owe me s***. I don't owe you s***. You don't owe me s***. And frankly, I think most people don't GIVE A s***.

People don't give a s*** about how the other people, on the other side of the screen, of the world, who are actually living entities trying to create something cool, how they feel about the s*** that YOU'RE doing - they just see us as nothing.

As free tool they can use and abuse, for their little teenage dreams of being a lead guitar God, or for practicing whatever s*** they're practicing. Or for the social aspect - oh look lemme get drunk, not give a s*** about how I sound, and go play some s*** on Ninjam....

Also, what are you supporting when you say you're "supporting ninjam" ?!

Get the gold membership to support Tom, the servers and ninbot.

Ninjam doesn't need support other than that, so what ppl do with it is up to them, private or not.

I can't change the fact that so many old timers and newbies wanna play awful (sounding) s*** all the time on public servers. Often times with no regard for their s***ty levels and gain staging or for what else is being played in the room.

I can't change that you talk your ass off in jams when you're drunk, I can't change any of your guys' s*** attitudes and unwillingness to cooperate and collaborate.

I support private servers and wish there where more, or that I was invited to more.


I'm not keen on private

I'm not keen on private servers.

Least that's how I see it, and if most are sitting in hidden servers then tbh why support ninjam at all?
Because it's a bit like someone saying "I'm not playing, I'm taking my ball home with me".

If people want private servers only then better they leave the community altogether if they don't want to be part of it.

Anyway as always I'm not cool about private servers, if their private, keep them private.

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Here is a great guide

Here is a great guide someone made -

Page 20 describes how to setup a private server and page 16, also how to use two separate channels in Ninjam with Reaper. I believe you could even perhaps use a free dynamic DNS service like this one to create a name server to give out to users, which may be easier to remember than your IP address.

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