Sync iPad App to NINJAM?

I have a digital mixer I run into a laptop via USB.I also connect my iPad running Drumjam to another USB port on my laptop. I use Music IO to connect the iPad/Drumjam to Reaper/NINJAM. That seems to work except syncing. Is there a way to make the app sync to the metronome of NINJAM?

Try JAMTABA as a vst plugin.

Try JAMTABA as a vst plugin. It has a button for syncing NINJAM to any HOST. And it works jist fine.


Hi, Reaper should send the Clock, can be set in the option to do so for your USB/MIDI port.

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Doing so manually is

Doing so manually is imprecise. Enough sometimes to cause problems.

No, the NINJAM protocol does

No, the NINJAM protocol does not provide for externalising sync directly, as far as I could make out. A NINJAM client might do something clever for this but the one in Reaper doesn't have that feature (I don't think it's possible to have a VST plug in supplying sync -- the host is in charge -- and the point of NINJAM is to desynchronise from the host if you see what I mean - Reaper doesn't get a say in when "1" is).

I assume you also need to

I assume you also need to match the metronome in Reaper to Ninjam.

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