Sudden Snow


Hiya all, I posted this in Video's but not sure if the Vids show anywhere.
This is a few days back early one morning just at the end of the worst of the snow we had here.
I'm walking my dog Poppy so I grabbed the camera and got some footage.
The music is part of a track I did a few years back called Artic Moments so it seemed right to put it on a snow video.
Hope ya all have a Merry Xmas wherever you are.

I'm producing the video's to 720p min now, as I know many have TV's and Media Devices that stream youtube.

Ty, Meg, Synth. :)

Ty, Meg, Synth. :)

nice Andy! The soundtrack

nice Andy! The soundtrack works perfectly with the slowed motion.
Kudos! And what a great dog Poppy is!

~*meg*~ hey I watched this

~*meg*~ hey I watched this video right now! haha your Poppy is doing same to my puppy HAPPY in the snow! Awww Poppy can stay ans smile at camera is smarter than my HAPPY!!! Great music sounds like one scene of some movie!

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