Speech synthesized rap

I had some interesting jams and chats with a user called TEST earlier today. We both played around with speech synthesizers and found out that it was possible to make something almost musical and rap-like by laying down a drum and/or bass track and trying to adjust the words to more or less match the beat.

Then I had the idea that I could write a program to trigger my speech synthesizer on separate phrases, each time triggered by a keypress. This would allow me to synchronize the start of each speech-synthesized phrase to the start of a beat.

A few hours later, I got the system working and had a great jam with some other guys. Thanks to the other guys for putting up with my speech synthesizer antics and making some great music. Special thanks to dimkaha who was the first to join the room, and who laid down a great funky bass line that helped get the whole thing rolling. Here is a link to the jam:


I also got my speech synthesizer successfully routed through a vocoder, so I can make the speech synthesized voice "sing". However the speech becomes less understandable when routed through the vocoder. But anyway, it's lots of fun to play with. Expect to hear more in the future. :)

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