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I just think that there are

I just think that there are a lot of really dumb people walking around today, everywhere

Like this guy from nearby where I live who apparently after watching something on the History Channel, decided to make his own sword behind his apartment building and ended up burning down an entire city block.


I understand the need for swords to fight against dragons, yet this seemed pretty stupid.

He probably would've liked

He probably would've liked Nirvana too. Miroirs is basically "Scentless Apprentice" plus "Milk It". Ok maybe not basically... but yeah.

Hi guys:) what i think about

Hi guys:) what i think about it:
Maurice Ravel, Elvis Presley's or Nirvana's music used to agree with people of their time.
There is not bad or good popular music, just differents times, ways.

Ravel would have been happy with a sampler:


Have a nice day:)

vio, I see your point with

vio, I see your point with the caveman family and generations.
I'm betting that concert looked something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypEaGQb6dJk

Again, I'm just saying how ironic it is that most popular music is seemingly made without the use of what historically would be classified as actual musical instruments. Today music has become a karaoke TV game show like American Idol or the Voice.

The older I get, the more I notice a kind of dumbing down of people taking place everywhere. Case in point, the Uber "rider" in the self-driving car who killed a pedestrian was in fact watching "the Voice". She can be seen on the dash camera smiling, mesmerized by the glowing screen of her phone.


It's like that movie Idiocracy has finally become reality now.

"how truly bad most popular

"how truly bad most popular music has become today "

I agree with that but it's also true that our parents' generation were saying the exact same thing about the music we liked when we were teenagers.

And their parents said it, and their parents etc etc

I imagine Mr and Mrs Caveman sitting inside their cave while outside their teenage kids and friends bang rocks and sticks and blow through antler horns: "When I was growing up songs were really songs, musicians knew how to play properly and it wasn't just a lot of noise!"

While that may be

While that may be unfortunately true, the biggest crime here is clearly the red binding. Seattle could learn something from Toronto when it comes to left handed guitars. They just flipped it upside down instead: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/02/1a/c4/6e/hard-rock-ca...

I think this guitar is

I think this guitar is symbolic of how truly bad most popular music has become today and ironically features people who don't even play an actual musical instrument.


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