Remembering Ritual: Peace Love Light


I just wanted to let everyone know that unfortunately Ritual passed on recently.

His real name was Bob, he lived near me and I knew him for many years through a longtime close mutual friend. He was a really special, genuinely warm, very peaceful and intelligent person and also was a huge fan of the band Yes. He deeply loved music, animals and nature, he enjoyed playing the guitar and is a Ninbot member since 2008.

I know that for people like Ritual and myself, as well I imagine perhaps many of you here, making music is more than just a hobby. It is a kind of spiritual expression and represents a truly sacred gift to be shared with other people who feel the same way. Although most of us will likely never meet and jam in real life, the spiritual expression of each player still exists in this sacred gift of sharing the making of music by jamming online.

So I ask that all of you please remember Ritual and how he shared his sacred personal gift of making music through a spiritual exchange with each of us, and then take that same gift in your own life and go share it with as many other people as you can and make even more music with it. Because I think in that way then Bob's spirit will always jam on and continue to be a part of the music that is made by everyone who ever jammed with him, and beyond.

I have included a great picture of Bob, along with a link to some of his music for all to hear.

Here is the picture of him with his guitar:

Here is his music:

In closing, as he himself would always write...Peace Love Light.

Congratulations to those

Congratulations to those involved !!!

Thanks for the post! Like

Thanks for the post! Like the track and it reminds me of him a lot.
Maybe pick a time we can add some stuff to it.

Hello everyone, It's hard

Hello everyone,

It's hard to believe, but it has already been a year now since Rituals passing. So I wanted to share a song with you all that I recently started to make in memory of him based around random bits of his guitar playing, so far actually taken from an archived June 6th 2014 Ninjam.

I thought that if anyone here may wish to do so, please feel free to contribute to this song by adding something, as all are certainly welcome. If you do record something, please ideally render your part so that it is isolated and relative to current running time of the song, so that I have an idea of where you are playing over. This way I can then add it to the multi-track mix. You could upload your part somewhere and post the link directly in this discussion thread, PM or email me and I will download it. Or maybe I can just play it back on my Ninjam server sometime for those interested to simply jam over.

This song is at 120 BPM and currently consists of 3 sections, the first two of which Ritual solos over near the beginning and then it goes on with an extended 3rd section. This third section is where I think it might perhaps work best for people to add solos over, such as guitar, keyboards or whatever else. However any section is also fine to add power chords, rhythmic parts, drums, synths or atmospheric stuff as well. The current instrumentation is just some piano, bass and drum machine to hopefully serve as whatever type of basic guide.

I know Ritual really loved music and would often be here jamming with many of us using Ninjam. So I had been wanting to put something like this together for awhile now as a way to share his love of music and continue to jam with everyone. Realistically however, I don't expect anyone here to contribute to this, because I don't think there is a genuine sense of community here at

Please let me know if anyone has trouble downloading this:!As2pB_HgHmhQgRV1Lflv43WinB21

As Ritual would often write...Peace, Love Light.

Thanks, goodbye,

Just reading this sad news.

Just reading this sad news. My deepest condolences!
You keep on living through your music Ritual! X

I'm really sorry for you,

I'm really sorry for you, Mutant, and to all those who knew Ritual. I shared musical moments with him. Life teach us much, but it does not really prepares us for this kind of difficult situation. But, ultimately, is it not better that the issue of staying in suffering ? This is what I hope for him despite the difficulty this represents for our community. Courage Mutant

In French :
je suis vraiment désolé pour toi, Mutant, et pour tout ceux qui connaissaient bien Ritual. J'ai partagé des moments musicaux avec lui. La vie nous apprends beaucoup, mais elle ne nous prépare pas vraiment à ce genre de situation difficile. Mais, finalement, ne vaut-il pas mieux la délivrance que de rester dans la souffrance ? C'est ce que je peux espérer pour lui malgré la difficulté que cela représente pour notre communauté. Courage Mutant


Oh oui ! I remember this, i

Oh oui ! I remember this, i was also a newbee, but we had so much fun :)

he will be allways whit us!!!

Ritual' was a great

Ritual' was a great musisian and i remember the fun we had in the past....he called me on phone night long to trying to teach me how to play..we had great time laughing because i was so bad whit my guitar :)
.Paix en son âme....

I'm really saddened to hear

I'm really saddened to hear of Ritual's death. He was an extraordinary man. There are many in the community who will mourn deeply his passing as his was a life of service, love, compassion and excellence. May he rest in peace.
For Ritual's familie....mes sincères condoléances

Hi everyone, It is very sad

Hi everyone,
It is very sad news. I hope it is appropriate to share a funny story about ritual, and the fun we had with ritual on ninjam.

At one stage years ago we organised live jams in second life. It was totally chaotic but great. Ritual rock star as he was, decided to turn up dressed only in a large pair of baggy white underpants. Most everyone else turned up as 7 foot tall bodybuilders with an obsession with fashion. We laughed till we cried singing Ritual's "mighty whiteys" song as he danced around on the stage. We shared some really really good times with ritual. Take care everyone.

R.i.P. Ritual remembering we

R.i.P. Ritual
remembering we had good times together in ninjam!

So Sad to hear, :"( Really

So Sad to hear, :"( Really nice guy. R.i.P. Ritual.
Great song and tribute to him Mutant. xx

Very sad to hear,... Peace

Very sad to hear,... Peace Love Light to Bob and his Family x

R.I.P. Sad new

R.I.P. Sad new

Nous Sommes du Soleil)" My

Nous Sommes du Soleil)"
My friend, we love, when we play,

( I know your still here)

Sad to hear ... RIP Ritual!

Sad to hear ...

RIP Ritual! It was always nice to jam with you ... Peace <3 and Light to you and all!

Thats right Klaus, no hard

Thats right Klaus, no hard feelings on my behalf.

@unfretted, I'm not sure I

@unfretted, I'm not sure I understand what you are saying? Are you saying it's not appropriate to ask here?

This is terrible news. RIP

This is terrible news. RIP brother.

Thank you for your notice,

Thank you for your notice, Mutant, and my condolences. This is very sad.

Heres a little music for the

Heres a little music for the thread..his first ninbot session..

@ Klaus, it is correct to pm

@ Klaus, it is correct to pm a question about how a person passed over.

OOhhh no another musician

OOhhh no another musician this year :(

I'm really sorry to hear that he is not here anymore.

Was he sick? Because he looks like a young guy on the photo.


Well put Mutant. Thanks for

Well put Mutant. Thanks for letting us know. Truly a loss for the community. He will be missed.

" We will die but our

" We will die but our actions do not die, for they are perpetuated in their infinite consequences. Jams too. "

I remember a few good jams and good exchanges on the chat with Ritual
A loss for the community...

He was super nice guy and

He was super nice guy and true musician. We'll miss you Bob!

So sorry to hear. He will be

So sorry to hear. He will be missed.

"Should auld acquaintance be

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
We’ll tak' a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne."
- Robbie Burns

- Ritual

Thank you mutant for

Thank you mutant for delivering this news in such a thoughtful way...I will miss Ritual. We had some great Jams together and he was always a great guy, never complained, just did his thing. Its a big loss for us here at Ninbot. Peace Love Light, man

Please accept my deepest

Please accept my deepest condolences and wishes for your loss............and for our loss as a community ......Im listening now to some jams we shared .......

They are filled with Peace , Love, and Light.....i will remember

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