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good morning everyone!
I have one friend who has 12 mbps adsl, he will have trouble connecting to the ninjam?
thanks for the help!

tank you for the help

tank you for the help brothers!

Technically, as long as you

Technically, as long as you can upload an interval from all your channels in less time than the interval and download an interval from all the channels of connected participants, then you're fine.

In practice, that means if you're on a server using a single stereo pair up and down, you should be fine even down to 512Kbps - 128Kbps up and down plus some headroom. The moment someone else joins, things will get tight. (One stereo pair is 2 of a 64Kbps OGG stream.)

Lag isn't an issue -- the intervals will always try their best to line up - 1 will always be 1, no matter what - it's just how delayed each participant is with respect to the other. Bandwidth is the only hurdle - avoid wasting channels (don't use a stereo pair for a mono source, don't transmit stereo silence, etc).

One other thing I've noticed and don't understand the cause of: sometime you get clicks as if an interval has "only just made it" in time. You also get gaps where an expected interval clearly hasn't arrived in time to get a continuous signal. Things like that make it hard to keep a session going but it's been rare.

Sometimes the ping (response

Sometimes the ping (response time) of US servers with Europeans servers is longer. Satellite? Big Brother? or xxx?
Use PINGTEST to determine the quality of your broadband Internet connection. Streaming media, voice, video communications

This causes disconnections, or even the impossibility of the connected servers when the ping> 100ms
Smaller ping>> best quality>>

ping speed and shredding.........Donkey Bilos

I use 6 mbit, no problems. 1

I use 6 mbit, no problems. 1 mbit "upload" speed is fine afaik.

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