Pete Thorn's (Unfretted) New Album


IN TOUCH by Peter Thorn -

Hiya, I liked Pete's Album that I wanted to share it here.
Some of you may not like the style but give it a chance, listen and you will start to see a picture painted in each track.

Where some see Chaos others find Peace.
You can even re-listen to each track and follow other parts to hear a completely new track.

Great tracks Pete!

I remember clearly the first

I remember clearly the first few times you played on ninjam...suddenly here was this "someone" who was so totally "left of field", yet so totally musical...and i can remember listening for the reactions of the more mainstream players to what you were doing, and to their credit many many of them got it. Those that didn't were calculating how many notes physics allows you to fit into one bar of music, but who gives a f*** about them.

Thank you Josef. I was so

Thank you Josef. I was so lucky to have found Onur. He is so multi talented. All the instruments are real ones. (I feel almost silly pointing this out, but so often its just virtual these days) He plays pumpkin violin, Fretless Guitars, Baglama, Flute, Accordion, Jews harp, Song, Kemane, Percussion and more...

For Sevgi is perhaps hard to understand for many. It is an illustration of a dear one passing away. Knowing that gives the listener a new dimension to this tune...

Peter, i really like your

Peter, i really like your very, very individual sounds. In German we call it "schräg" and i can loose myself in your labyrith of rhythms and sounds. Great!

Ya right Pete, that's the

Ya right Pete, that's the problem, every non corporate controlled service soon becomes only about ad revenue, controlled viewing (i.e. only big labels spammed in ya face) and distribution sales.
This aint good for music at all, it will just end up like in the 90s where cheap produced crap is pumped out just to make money and music almost vanished.
Then the net came along and it started to be controlled by the people, big labels sales went down, they tried to blame it on copyright issues but it was in fact people got to choose what to hear.

But the bad news is there slowly trying to buy governments to bring in new laws so they can once again control and squeeze the life out of the industry again.
They just do one thing, kill of competition so there is less choice which means they can literally control what's heard.

One good thing recently is some isp's are joining together to take the new laws to court to contest them, because as they rightfully say they shouldn't be made into internet police for the sake of record and film companies.

So the reason I mention this is, most like Myspace and similar are now just websites for big labels as that's all you see spammed now on them. Almost all musicians are now hide away behind the main area's of the site.
I wonder how long till Facebook, Soundcloud, Dropbox and others start to restrict and control then introduce all the main players. Well actually FB half way there now, they already removed most things that allowed the REAL non Corporate Controlled Music to have a fair chance at potential listeners.

So I say to all you musicians reading this, many will moan and complain it's not fair but when your fellow musicians try to push there stuff they don't get the support from the people who know best about this situation, YOU!.
So whether you LOVE IT or NOT a click and play of whatever is posted is a show of support, and helping to support ind. artists like yourself get more views.
When you click and play something posted, most things it will register that play, this helps get it more plays and seen more by others. Popular stuff on some places still will get a show to others on them sites giving more chance of getting more viewers or even fans.

Some of the stuff people share around the social online world is not worth the hd space it uses, so when your fellow ind. artists post and people can't even be bothered to click play, comment, like it or let alone share it it sorta shows why big labels have it all there own way.

I give an example, I posted a video recently, it had a lot of reads, but only about 30% of people who bothered to click the link just wanted to see the comments and didn't even click play on the video.
I've noticed this on FB, people will like others things to support them but never get the support back yet them people not supporting back will come knocking for support when they release something.

Right rant over, NOW CLICK THE FRICKEN LINK as Pete's a great guy who's only ever given time and compliments to all he meets, his put a lot of work into this album and it's very good.
Maybe even some of you could share it on your social networks.

Oh also if you feel slightly jealous of Pete's music then that means it's GOOD! :D


Thanks! I just started to

Thanks! I just started to use it now. Compared to Bandcamp its less commercial. Jeff is there now, he got feed up with all adverts at Bandcamp...:)

Sounds great, unfretted!

Sounds great, unfretted! AloneTone looks pretty interesting, how long have you been using it? (I see Jeff Duke is there as well?)

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