Ninjam User Guide in Pdf

I present you the Ninjam User Guide (for windows) that i have written with simple instructions and many photos for the new beginner.
I tried to make it as complete as possible & my goal is to help spreading the ninjam idea.
If anyone wants to participate with corrections, suggestions or addons to this guide, please send me p.m.

This guide is in PDF and feel free to download, distribute, post link anywhere you like.

The Download link will stay the same, if updated versions of the guide are to be released in the future.



Right, finally found time to

Right, finally found time to read this!

Good job, nicely laid out generally, easy to follow and covers pretty much everything!

Just a couple of minor criticisms.

First, I always suggest people set their local level to -12dB, because that's the default level for remote channels. You get a much better idea of how loud everyone else will hear you in the mix if you start that way. Then start adjusting your sound source level to avoid clipping (pre-NINJAM monitoring should show this but with this setup going over -12dB on the local meter then means clipping; preferably keep well below if you're using a lot of distortion on a guitar ;)).

Um, actually, that's it. (The other one was the Firefox PDF viewer not making the links clickable... d'uh..?!)

Oh... Just one other thing. I also generally recommend people sub-mix multiple tracks locally and only use a single send up to NINJAM. Saves bandwidth and it's less for other people in the jam to have to deal with. Certainly if you're using a DAW. (OK, tricky with the standalone client and direct inputs... but buy a hardware mixer..? :D)

Great job.

Great job.

Thank you both! I hope my

Thank you both!
I hope my guide will help the newcomers and the present ninjam community.

Tom, i am planning some more tweaks & probably add more stuff to the ninjam guide, so its better for people to download it from the link, cause it's gonna stay always the same link for download.
However, if you want to host the pdf file, feel free to do so.

Great job Nick! Will add a

Great job Nick!
Will add a link to our setup page.
Also more than happy to host the file on
ninbot if it helps.


Great job,

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