Ninjam Sweet Tunes Progression Collection

Hey Ninjamists!

What do you think about the idea of having a collection of "sweet and nice to play" tunes here in the forums?

We could use this thread (or another if you like) to post progressions that are cool to play, so that we easily can refer to when we jam (post a link to the forum in the chat?). Im sure a lot of you have them stored somewhere on their computers... why not share it with us?! :-)

Something like the "Real Ninjam Book" or the "Ninjammers Guide through the Whole Soundgalaxy and beyond" :-D

Maybe have a seperate forum here? Or is the "Jam Forum" intended to be used as that? Not sure... Anyway... Whatdoyouthinkkkhhhhhhhh???

Could be in a very easy to read form like:

8 Bars of a Jazzy Grooveee:
II: Am I Am I F7 I E7alt ||
| Am I Am/G I F7 I E7alt :II

Easy to play...

Maybe we manage it to have some kind of a "repertoire" that we can play if we have no ideas ... which is in fact most of the time in my case LOL

Have a nice one,

"Too bad that ninjam doesnt

"Too bad that ninjam doesnt supports the display of chords while playing... "

actually it does....

D | E | A | D (2x)

D | E | A | D (2x) <------ 32 BPI of this :-D

kn00t, Yanek and me found out that this is funny litlle fonky progression to play.
This one is called "DoubleDEAD" just in case 1 dead is not enough! LOL

Hey KeysDude thanks for

Hey KeysDude thanks for sharing this - quite an impressive collection you have there! :-)
Will have a look into it (and a listen) later.

Too bad that ninjam doesnt supports the display of chords while playing... that would be extremely useful...

I dont understand why cockos droped the development of such an outstanding, cool and unique thing like ninjam... :-/
There are tons of possibilities ready to implement. Really a shame... (include 3 dots at the end)

Some chords we played are there.

OH! Yeahhh you are right

OH! Yeahhh you are right anonymouse... There is a search! :-) Didnt know that at all *LOL*

Unfortunatly it only works for registered users (?) Is this intentional? The forum itself is available for unregistered users - why not the search? Just thinking... :-) Ninbot is such a great service (thanks for the guys who made it possible btw!!) I would love to see it becoming even better!

I always forget where the

I always forget where the Search is too...
(You can get to it from the bottom menu)

Im sure someone had the idea

Im sure someone had the idea before. obviously the idea didnt survive for long ... LOL

Your point on BPM and BPI is a good one!

So the "format" for such a collection could be:

"8 Bars of a Jazzy Grooveee"
(BPM 123, BPI 32)
II: Am I Am I F7 I E7alt ||
| Am I Am/G I F7 I E7alt :II

Where this --> | Chord | represents one bar (1, 2, 3, 4)

Maybe its just me but i find the notation with "|" easier to read then just writing the chords one after each other.

Hmmm... yeah I see... there is no "search" for the forum here?? :-D
Well... then it would make sense to put such tunes into an own forum like "The Ultimate Ninjam Chord Collection"
And we should only use this forum to post chords and nothing else! ;-)

It's probably a good idea to

It's probably a good idea to state the intended BPI (just to make it extremely obvious for people who might not understand the notation used) and maybe examples of BPM ranges (I mean things like "you'll here this at XX BPM in song YY by ZZ").

The difficult thing with this forum is finding any older messages -- I'm sure this has been suggested before but I've no idea where, when, by who or what the subject would have been... I'd suggest doing these in a specific forum to make it easiest to keep track or maybe in a group message area. At least that way the ideas are easier to find once posted, rather than getting lost in amongst other unrelated posts (or replies, such as this one).

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