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Hello all!

Have been using NinJams on and off during the whole lockdown and can't express how grateful I am to you all for helping me stay sane.
One of the things I would like to help with on jams is either adding drums and/ or looping additional rhythm parts but I just can't figure out how to create a loop on the fly in Reaper using the plugin.

I found the Sync button that brings the Tempo and BPI into the Reaper Project but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the project to start play of the loop on 1! Trying to manually hit the play button is hit and miss and while I'm trying to do that, the jammers may leave. Is there something that allows you to hit play before the end of the BPI and then my local loop waits for the end of the BPI to start the play of loop on the next 1 beat or is that a feature on development or am I missing something al together.

I searched here, Reaper support and YouTube and all just describe basic operation and not this detail.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Robert, What can come in

Hi Robert,

What can come in handy is a free VST called UVI Workstation. You can add sliced rex2 files and aiff files to it and sync it with Reaper and sync Reaper with Jamtaba. I have always a BD_kick loaded in UVI. nb: You must turn sync on in UVI(manual).
So when I enter a room I first mute the files in UVI, then set BPM the same in Reaper as in Jamtaba, hit the sync button in Jamtaba and then the play button in Reaper.
Then i turn on the metronome and unmute the BD_kick and they should be on the same beat. When they are equal I can unmute other files(loops) in UVI. That works for me.. However I must say that for me it works fine when I am on the beat and the sequence is right, more than having everything started at one.

Maybe this helps out a bit


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