Nice 80s-style pop/rock groove

I caught the tail end of this jam (just as a listener) on The airy synths and overall feeling somehow reminded me of 1980s pop or rock. I really like the guitar solos and guitar arpeggios in this piece (also, wonderful Hammond organ accents at 26:47) and will be studying them to try to add some licks to my own sadly lacking chops.

I'm also somewhat new (or rather, returning after a long hiatus) to ninjam, and I think this jam also was a good example to me of how a good groove can get rolling and evolve starting from a couple of core ideas that lay down some, but not too much, structure.


C’est très joli c’est

C’est très joli c’est simple et il y a de la mélodie voilà ce que j’aime j’ai horreur des jams trop complexes avec des accords inconnus histoire de faire une sélection naturelle au niveau des musiciens

It's very pretty it's simple and there is melody that's what I like I hate jams too complex with unknown chords history to make a natural selection at the level of musicians

The airy synths in the intro

The airy synths in the intro of the following Whitesnake song kind of sound like the airy synths in this jam.

This jam also stirs other vague memories from the 1980s, like this:

Ah, the 1980s... what a great era for music!

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