LIVE Cams Setup - Android, iPhone, (NEW SLR Cameras), obs to come. (Updated 7th March 2017)

Guide Update for simpler setup.

iPhone using BroadcastMe, free app:


Download the free version of broadcast me app from iphone store.
Run and skip first info screen, then skip login screen. Pull/slide menu from right to left.
Click the settings cog image. In settings set same as this image.
Cam number changes on the night.
Click done after entering the rtmp: url then close menu.
Click the record button at the bottom of the screen to go live.

Android RTMP Camera, free app:


Download the app and run, get up settings on screen like image shows here.

Select Publishing address and set same as image here, cam number will change on night so ask for it.

Now setup Resolution as shown in image, not if you have lag or bad frame rate issues change the others as shown in image.

You can use a Cannon or SLR camera as a webcam on PC and Mac.

PC this is not free looking for alternative:

This video shows the setup on Mac.

To come, obs & xplit settings.

Hey Andy, next friday I will

Hey Andy, next friday I will try send image with iphone. I do config here.
Thx for instruction.

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