My kind of blues


had to be Meshell ;)

You have to go back in 2016

You have to go back in 2016 to see one of your contributions.
Blues for depressive
Your ninbot jams are dated in 2015
I hope for you that you have made progress since then and woke up

copy inbot msg for all :
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(Block user)
To: Bilos
Subject: Re: thank you for your empathy
Date: Tue, 03/06/2018 - 20:47
I agree, stay far away as well.

Private msg from Bilos
> thank you for your empathy
> No trace of you with me on a jam since 2014. Your last cam was in 2015
> You allow yourself to intervene in an unseemly way.
> I practice every day with my friends on Ninbot for 10 years
> Since 3 years Jamtaba disrupts servers, you do not have a problem because you do not play anymore.
> So why are you coming to this thread with value judgments on me?
> I have a pragmatic approach to improve the disturbances created by Jamtaba.
> Stay out or try to contribute to improve technicals trouble on Ninbot !
> Otherwise I think you behave like a moron and I will not let you denigrate me.
> I have no problem since 2014 with you so stay in there!
> cordially

And a butterfly

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