Mon premier backtrack ! ( but where is it now ? )

Salut !
Je viens d'uploader un backtrack , un extrait de 12 mesures 4/4 d'une de mes compos , avec juste la section rythmique
( drum bass guitar ). Mais ...

Impossible de retrouver le lien !
Je ne connais pas encore toutes les ficelles , j'ai utilisé le tracker , qui retrouve mon upload et la description , mais aucun lien .

Une idée SVP ?
thx, ezee

thank you bro' ! I saw that

thank you bro' !
I saw that it was listed , but ain't there any way to get the link be listened by peopo' , like members of a group ?

But hey , thank you for the bot command , i will try that !!
Have beautiful and exitings Jams !

EDIT : I've got it !

How to :
When you create a backtrack and upload it here , YOU MUST COPY THE LINK PROVIDED TO KEEP A TRACE OF IT .

in my case :

Cheers to the great helper ! (lpjones)

If you go

If you go here:
You'll see it listed.

I would guess typing in
nb play LongTimeAgo
on one of the ninbot servers might work.

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