Missing Sessions

Good Morning and good day to all of you!!!

Im a newb so maybe I am wrong or have done something incorrectly.

I have a few sessions I was in and have went back to get the wav. files to mix off line in my DAW and they are simply not on the server. My first week or so I didn't have the preference setting to save files on my computer as well. but they are not in my session files online. I am pretty sure the sessions were under 60 minutes and all players were above the required db. as we were sounding great and the levels seemed fine.
Is there another place these files would be stored? I am using up to date JamTaba inside my DAW.


Just for my own information

Was this on a ninbot.com

Was this on a ninbot.com server or one of the other NINJAM servers? If another, do you remember which?

If it was on a ninbot.com server, was the bot actually on the channel? (It does die...)

Rydermillermusic 11/10/18


11/10/18 session With Krue and a few others. I have reviewed. them as well as one last night is not there.. just seemed odd. I even went over to Krue page and listened to the ones I was on, cant really describe what it was but the bassline and my vocals were really awesome on it, wanted to download it. I noticed that night it was missing. just didn't know if it was something I was missing, no worries I guess we can always jam another day....Im tech savy so It blows my mind they just wouldn't be there...lol

There are 35 or so of your

There are 35 or so of your sessions available here. What are you missing more specifically?

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