Jamtaba 2 on xp

Hi folks,
I know this post could be in the wrong forum ...plese leave a link were to go, if so.

Im still on the old xp ,and did run fine with cubase 5 and jamtaba vers 2.1.1 vst , untill i installed 2.1.3
It did install , but dont start.: -says he´s missing dxva2.dll, evr.dll .... so i got them on the net , and
now it says : "memcpy_s" was not found in "msvcrt.dll" . I dont dare to change that. :- /

- I guess that the errors has something to do with the new video feature of Jamtaba 2 ?

any chance to fix this one .......dispite upgrading my life ?.... please ?. -Miss the onlinejammin.


Kriss, please report any

Kriss, please report any problem here: https://github.com/elieserdejesus/JamTaba/issues

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