Introduce Yourself

There have been a bunch of new users lately.
Anyway thought it might be fun to have a sticky
thread for people to introduce themselves. So here it is.



Hi, I am Dave! I am super

Hi, I am Dave! I am super glad I found this site. Lots of inspiration. I am here to meet musicians who want to record or lay down tracks over the internet! I enjoy playing all instruments but like using my voice the best! Check out my site! Giving Back Smiles!

Hey, My name is Paul and im


My name is Paul and im from Canada! : D I love to play the bass its pretty much awsome. Im fairly new to ninjam and I just signed up on this forum today. I look forward to jamming and communicating with all of you : )

See you round,

We have a real real big

We have a real real big voice here people. Guitarists look out, shes louder.

Hi Gday, Im Stradlez Im from

Hi Gday, Im Stradlez

Im from Melbourne Australia, Im a singer.
Im into anything from led zep to acdc or ballads, Im getting into some blues at the moment also.
When I get a chance I will come on and sing a tune. Im also new and learning :)
Always learning.

I've been using NINJAM for a

I've been using NINJAM for a while now, and came across NINBOT, naturally, in my searches, and thought I'd pop in to say, "hi." I already recognise several names around here.

I'm from the UK and mostly play my bass on the servers, although I might occasionally try guitar or keys.

I've been hanging around

I've been hanging around here bit lately, jamming with some really cool guys, and figured I'd formally introduce myself to the community. My name is David Scott (aka Nounverber), and I'll play whatever is needed in a session with the exception of live drums. I've spent the last ten years in my home studio, giving up playing live shows to spend time working on composing more complex pieces. I thought for a long time that I wasn't missing anything from playing live, including the interaction with other players, but NINJam has proven me wrong. I had forgotten how incredible of a feeling it is to have a piece of music just evolve out of a few guys noodling around...something that doesn't happen when you're alone at the boards with headphones on and a MIDI controller under your fingers.

This recent experience has given me new insight to the art of composing, and I am starting to include sections in my music that are reserved for improvisation and spontaneous performance. The quality of talent I have run across in the past few weeks is mind-blowing and has forced me to take off the headphones and crank up the amps again. My playing has gotten better (it has been on the decline ever since I stopped performing live, substituting practicing for writing session). I've been reminded that I was a guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist before I ever thought about composing.

It would be an honor to have some of the regulars play on some pieces that I've been working on, but I'll decide how to cross that bridge when I reach it.

Thanks for the many, MANY hours of jamming, and here's to many more.

Take care,

hi , i'm howard i'am a

hi , i'm howard
i'am a guitarist and a musical producer .
i create loop with all you want : bass ,keys ;drums ; i mute part that you want play and let's jam together .
style :jazz rock ,world music , britney spears....

I am 42 years old living in

I am 42 years old living in France and playing guitar since 3 years. When you see me on a server, you can be sure I am playing. However, I am often too frustrated by my playing to transmit it lol

I dont really remember how I discovered ninjam.

I am working in the computer industry and I really do believe this software is one of the best and most beautiful thing this industry produced, since the creation of the Internet. The concept of making the lag longer but coherent with the music is just brilliant.

I am very surprised it is not much known and used.

I suppose I should have done

I suppose I should have done this too, oh well better late than never. My name is Peter I live in NSW in Australia, and play guitar and sing. Sometimes I play badly sometimes I sing badly sometimes I do both badly at the same time. Ninjam is a good way to listen back to what you played and go yesss that was total crap, just as I thought. Seriously how could you not love Ninjam? I discovered it while doing research for online learning down here, while looking for examples of online collaboration. It's still the best example 3 years later. Cheers my friends!

Hi; I'm Matt. I live in

Hi; I'm Matt. I live in Virginia, US, and I play bass, guitar, and drums, but I'll probably stick to jamming strings 'round here.

I discovered Ninjam when a friend sent me a link to something called youphonics, which was vaguely cool, but I was disappointed that it didn't let you jam live, so I looked for something that does let you do that. Yay, random chance!


Yo! fellow Jammers. I love

Yo! fellow Jammers.

I love Ninjam, it allows me to play with my pals who alas are busy rearing families and getting on with 40 something life. Amazing that I can jam with guys and gals all over the internet without having them round drinking my beer and burning holes in my carpets! :)

I am amazed that so few people are into Jamming but I shouldn't be. To just 'put it out there' takes some nerve, especially when you are sure to make mistakes and sound terrible much of the time. I evangelise where I can (and get pretty miffed if people don't get it. More bandwidth for us I guess : ).

Anyway, great to join the community!

Jam on you crazy diamonds!

Hi I'm basste, from south

I'm basste, from south France. Play bass and guitar. Discover this jam world few days ago and find it great ! To be able to play with others from all over the world is an idea i completlety dig !
See you all soon in the jam room.

i just realized i never

i just realized i never introduced myself, how rude.
i'm Lvna , now some may be confused about my name, actually, in old spanish the V was ussed as an U .so i'm like that white magical thing rotating arround Gaia .
i'm into any ritual going on arround here.. lately hanging out with the experimental boys, recently created a group for fast trance experimental electronic music or anything that goes with it ,psychedelic style (not strictly 60' 70' psychedelic rock but every kind of music that allows you to manifest -delia- your soul -psyche- ).
so, i play synths and computers and spent zillion of hours jamming at ninjam and ninbot, and each second worth it ! ! !

lot's of love for everyone !

Welcome aboard the good ship

Welcome aboard the good ship Ninbot - great to have rhythm players around. (Or it will be when I get some time to play, again.)
...But how do you play with people, for people. Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play with people for others, to listen to, that's something else. That's a whole other world. -- Tony Williams

My name is Dan! Im from

My name is Dan!
Im from Germany,
im on here for a while now.
Its an honour and pleasure getting to know many musicians.
Besides that, this community has inspired me to pick up my Instrument again, since i have quitted it for many years.
Best regards.

Hi, I'm really new at this

Hi, I'm really new at this and at jammin, actually. I'm a student violinist/fiddler, can sing some and improv a little bit on keyboards. Not really good at complex, fast rhythms yet. Slower stuff is okay and even some classical. I'm interested in experimental as well. Still trying to figure out how to avoid feedback (the audio kind, hehe). Everyone has been kind and encouraging, and that helps a lot. Thanks!

I think what perreko says

I think what perreko says doesn´t only go for drummers. It goes for every instrument.
If ya cant "add" something like groove or melody or funny noise or whatever... BE QUIET or go to ANOTHER room.

Olá eu sou Roberto. Eu moro

Olá eu sou Roberto. Eu moro em Brasilia no Brasil. Por anos eu usei o software para a produção de música que tem samples, sintetizadores, Rex e outros, controlado por um teclado MIDI. Eu não tenho um estilo musical definido. Eu amo a música, sons eo que eles podem gerar ou modificar as emoções. Portanto, eu procuro criar sons que trazem harmonia e bem-estar. Fico feliz em participar de encontros musicais por Ninjam.

Only kidding lol I'm

Only kidding lol

I'm interested in Experimental music.

As Perreko says, show respect, jamming is sharing, sharing is listening to what others are doing.

hi rene,welcome to the

hi rene,welcome to the ninjam experience! it has been discused about twin drumming here, some like it some others not so much(im of this last group), but its of course accepted....always you dont go playing from the very 1st second you enter a server, without listening to whats going there,and playing a completely different groove from whats currently happening in the mentioned short,always you dont ruin the jam

There's getting to be so

There's getting to be so many drummers on NINJAM I might have to learn to play keys... rather than just randomly hit them...
...But how do you play with people, for people. Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play with people for others, to listen to, that's something else. That's a whole other world. -- Tony Williams

I'm a grumpy old man.

I'm a grumpy old man.

I'm René from Holland. I'm

I'm René from Holland. I'm 25yrs old and a drummer.

I just found out ninjam and i LOVE it! Great software!

hi, im noals if you dont

hi, im noals
if you dont know me, im the most annoying guy out there.
give me your soul or go cry to your momma, im the devil !

Hello! I am Stian, I play


I am Stian, I play bass (and guitar)

My influences are old rock like Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, kansas, Rush, AC/DC, etc.

But I can't really play fast, but I'm pretty creative with my basslines (since I'm a lefty, i like to use my left hand a little more).

Hiya Maha, cant say much,

Hiya Maha,
cant say much, I'm viewing this on the Wii and using the Wii remote to type. :)

Can't read the text to great, but this is an older non-lcd TV.
But if PC is switched off I can now check and see if anyone is jamming.

hi all. i live in daegu,

hi all.
i live in daegu, south korea.
i have started ninjam about 6 months ago.
i am a keyboard player and
didn't have any professional music education,
or no band experience.

i need to have a more balls to play with you.
thank you all for allowing my horrible playing,
especially for volume problem. i just have recognized it.

i love you all guys!

Hi everyone I'm Marcel

Hi everyone I'm Marcel (Mecca76) thought I'd finally introduce myself. My arsenal consists of Synths, FX, and samples on my trusty box of tricks(pc). I produce & DJ when not online underground sounds mainly left field Drum & Bass but also Dubstep, Techno and also any other deep electronic sounds. But I love a wide variety of music ranging from classical,jazz,rock, and all things experimental.
Jamming opens the mind to new directions, which I love and hope too have many more hours of jamming greatness.

Hi. I'm Ben. Sorry if I

Hi. I'm Ben. Sorry if I drink beer and get on the mic and try to sing about weird things. I really enjoy jamming here. There are some great players here. I love to learn new chords and try to jam with great players. I try to jam as much as I can.

I have played guitar since early 2001. I can play clarinet, sing, play keyboard (poorly), and operate drum machines. I started learning guitar late in life, but it's never too late. I learned guitar to cover and remix video game music. By learning to transcribe game music, I think I have developed a pretty good ear and it has taught me many things about music.

Listening and participating in jams, or group improvisation is inspiring! It gives me a little boost and also gives me ideas for writing and solos.

have a fun!

Hey everyone, I'm not really

Hey everyone,
I'm not really all that mean....I don't bite...just nibble a Well, unless provoked...:o)Please call me Mean or Nessy ;o) I love to joke and carry on. But above all...My main passion is music and my Fender Strat!! I know that my musical talent is nothing compared to most of the GREATS around here...but I love to give it hell anyway! :o) Thanks guys for taking the time to stop and help along the way! I know that telling me the key or progression has got to be a pain at times....maybe in the next 10 years I will finally develop my Thanks again to all ya wonderful Ninjammers out there! You Rock! C-ya in the servers!

GEE i just realized that i

GEE i just realized that i spent 107 days for a total of 699 times and 458 hours and 25 minutes and 26 second . no wonder someone told me 3 months ago i sounded like a beginner and now tells me that i play very well even though i,ve only been playing drums for 20 long years ,that shure was a learning lesson for me thinking i could jam with anyone and found out the hard way by getting my ass kicked by the metronome ha ha surprise surprise now after spending 458 hours with my now best friend Mr metro nome we play good now together and thanks for all the cussing that i got 3 months ago LOL........458 hours ba ba try me

Hey, Pip here, from Ottawa


Pip here, from Ottawa Canada. Playing guitar for about 14 years now. Play some bass, drums, and a little mandolin, tin whistle and voice. Been writing songs and teaching guitarists for years, glad to find this place, and happy to meet each and every one of you all.

Like to jam, and this place is already pushing me to expand my theory knowledge. I will try to stop playing Am/Dm over and over and over, I just am going through an Am period (like Picasso's blue period, but more melodic).

Look forward to more great jams to come, thank you all. :)

Hiya everybody.. My name is

Hiya everybody..

My name is Peter and I'm Swedish..
Played guitar for about 30+ years or so. (Dohhh am I really that old. Isn't spandex still the right thing to wear.)
Got a bass thrown at me a couple of years ago and I'm totally sold.
Wonderful instrument. I just love it...

Anyway.. See ya dudes in a jam soon ...
Take care peace

Fender_ jb or jazzbas or something

Hi, all. Just stumbled

Hi, all. Just stumbled across this and thought the idea is AMAZING!!!

I'm a bassist, as the name might suggest, and I've been playing for about 27 years now. 4, 5 and 6 string basses, but currently am just using a 4-string. It's like going from a snooker table to a bar table...I'd forgotten how much fun the smaller neck is!!

Anyway, I'm here to jam, so anyone looking for a bassist to play basically any genre, let me know when, and I'll try like hell to make it!


A guitar player.I'd like to

A guitar player.I'd like to say a huge Thank you to the people who create ninjam !




Hi, my name is Andrés, and

Hi, my name is Andrés, and I'm a distortaholic :P.

I'm a non-classically-trained guitar player from Argentina, influenced by metal and rock and pop and whatever.
Learned to almost-sing by myself and play the bass too. Now I'm trying to learn drums (that I always loved).

Upside:: Since a lot of years ago I really was hoping for an application like ninjam to exist (I even thought almost the same stuff made here: synchronize the latency and such) ... and this year I found it... I'm sooo glad (even though the glitches with the connections)

Downside: I hate when people don't synch to tempo or don't react to what the others play, or don't play in a loop... that isn't jamming at all, I fell like they could simply play by themselves at home.

Because I have insomnia problems you can meet me in almost random time periods.

BTW: I have to praise Andy and Hand33, two of the best jammers i've jammed with til now.

I am a looping guitarist,

I am a looping guitarist, beginer oudist. I will just lurk around a bit and try to figure out where to jump in. peace out!

Which name did you use on

Which name did you use on NINJAM when you played?
If you used anon then maybe putting in the first 3 numbers of your ip might bring up some results.

I doubt it will work but it might be worth a try.

If you had the name anon then try searching for anon, allow a good few hours for results though. :P

Also if you take out the l from the second part of your name you then have the same name as my dog, I am looking for another dog. :)

Thanks for reading this post and giving it your time, you are now free to carry on roaming.

You're not coming up on the

You're not coming up on the recordings at ninbot or ninjam, true enough. Are you sure people can hear you playing? (If not, you're not getting recorded, either!)

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erm..... what the? How does

erm..... what the? How does this thing wqork? I think some kind of instrructions would be useful... i been in jams 4 times now and no recordings.... Its pisasing me off?

Hiya m8, welcome.

Hiya m8, welcome.

Hi - new to Ninjam &

Hi - new to Ninjam & Ninbot.
20 + years muso, but relatively new to computers & studios.
Should have tried this stuff years ago.
I love being able to jam without hassles of making the time & place, traffic, rehearsal spaces, kids / shiftwork etc etc etc.
Good job, whoever put this together.
A great help.
Many thanks !!

hello my name is Roger I

hello my name is Roger I play guitar and vocals. I would like to find some people to jam with. I play blues,rock, classic rock but I am open to new ideas. I have been playn 25 years and I can play just about anything on the classic rock menu. msg me if you wanna jam. I have a weird schedule I work on a offshore oil production platform on a 7 on and 7 days off. I can jam only when i am at work( i live in the country and have dial up I have a good connection at work) anywayz thats about it.

Hiya, westerling I am,

westerling I am, guitar I play. What more should I say?
Perhaps I will sing in the future, or play some percussion. I am certainly not russian.
For I come from the neighbouring country, i.e Finland, I have two hands.
You guys are great, you make me hate, myself.
Alas, my skills have their limitation, this was my presentation.


hi all, im david "perreko" ,

hi all, im david "perreko" , im mainly a drummer, but like to try extract music from nearly every instrument that could fall in my hands.....sometimes with not much success,apologizes for those times :D

Now This Is The Future

Now This Is The Future ;
gee mate you made it hear also. welcome friends of thy earth

synthany like a

synthany like a symphony.
vocals and synths and improvisation.

Get a mic and a net

Get a mic and a net connection with that lot and jam! :))
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