Introduce Yourself

There have been a bunch of new users lately.
Anyway thought it might be fun to have a sticky
thread for people to introduce themselves. So here it is.

Jus An Anomaly, Hi. I'm AJ.

Jus An Anomaly,

Hi. I'm AJ. I sing, some..times.
I love music.

I have some pellas and loops on looperman I record for use:

that's pretty much it.

ms. jonez

Hi everyone, I'm Al.

Hi everyone,

I'm Al. Canadian. Been playing for many many years. I like to play my white strat :) I'll play any style. The online jamming idea is totally amazing. Biggest influences are from the early '70's like CSNY. I like rhythms and building a solid feel. Some real interesting sounds online, so far. I don't mind experimenting and seeing what comes out.



Hi , Ezee is on the place

Hi , Ezee is on the place .
I am that guy that jammed his first session out of tune with the 6th string
of a jazz archtop guitar .

Was a pleasure to hear people from here
telling me to buy a tuner ! ah ah ah ...
Really , that shows that you guys have good ears , to make music and avoid ... noise ?

I am an autodidact , and i need to train
a lot with my instruments ( i compose reggae/ska music , folk , with guitar keyboards bass brass drum congas ) .

I wish to form a band here , one of these days .

That's all , hear you on stage !

PS : Yep , i'm french .

Hi, I´m just a middle-aged

Hi, I´m just a middle-aged man who had a guitar in his late youth and only recently decided to resume. I´m a guitar and pedal fan so I like to explore sound textures. The problem is my playing technics didn´t evolve enough to be considered a good musician. I can sing, but I don´t like doing it very much. Anyway, I will feel very grateful if, in depiste of this, I make friends.

I´m almost 100% untalented. Be patient. : /

Hi All, I'm Matt

Hi All,

I'm Matt (matt-the-cat) and my main instrument is the drums. I also play a little bit of keyboards and can do background vocals. I completed a University degree in Music Education in 1999, and then went in a totally different career direction and stopped playing drums for the last 10 years. I just got back into playing over this past year and I've had trouble getting motivated to practice because I was getting bored playing I'm really excited to find Ninjam.

I'm not the fastest and most technical drummer out there, and I'm still rusty, but I can set a pretty good groove (at least I used to be able to :-) ... and I can play a variety of styles (rock, blues, some jazz, country, alternative/indie). I just want to jam with others and have fun interacting with other musicians. I'm open to trying new things and will not carry a big ego into the jam sessions.

I like a lot of different styles-- some of the artists I like are The Eels, Led Zeppelin, Chick Corea, Spyro Gyra, The Rippingtons, James Taylor, Cold Play, Toto, Chicago, Brad Paisley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Push Stars, Vince Guraldi.... and too many more to name.

I live near Chattanooga, TN and I'm on Eastern US Timezone-- When I have time, I can jam in the evenings after work (usually around 8 to 10 PM). Feel free to email me if you'd be interested in trying to get together for a jam. I'm also open to jamming with anyone in the public rooms if you're willing to put up with a Noob like me :).

Hi all. I've been drumming

Hi all. I've been drumming on and off for years and I've started appearing on Ninjam now!

I'm by no means good and I'm entirely self taught, but comparing my early stuff on Ninjam to the stuff I played last I'd say there's an improvement and still an infinite amount of room for more. Looking forward to playing with you lot.

Hi! "Privet" from Russia! My

Hi! "Privet" from Russia!
My name is Armen. Breakbeats to everyone!

Hi I'm Lawrence. I attempt

Hi I'm Lawrence. I attempt to make music. I mostly am only partally successful as the other part ends up with noise and choice words. I am easy going try to learn something every time I play.

Moin Moin, (How Hamburg says

Moin Moin, (How Hamburg says helo,good morning, good evening..),

Greetings to all of you from Hamburg,
so great to find this possibility to play music with musicians all over the world.
I play BluesHarp and be fascinated and open minded by all kind of music, from pop to trance, from rap to blues, from folk to rock. Also asian, oriental and african sytle.
So i am happy to be inspired by all of great musicians here. If you like to jamm with a harp, feel wellcome to contact me.


Can from Istanbul here, your

Can from Istanbul here, your regular cliché keyboard guy... (including the cheesy DX7 Rhodes)

Mainly play keyboards, I usually become a chord dude on jams :) Sometimes I play synth patches, depending on jam mood.

I guess I should chime in on

I guess I should chime in on this thread. My name is Andy, I've ben playing bass for around 3-1/2 years after a 27 year break (I played back in HS and Collage and then drifted away. Aside from mostly practicing by myself. NinJam and all you fellow jammers have been my music scholl where I to try out and learn new things. Most of my musical growth has been a result of the time I've put in on NinJam. What a great hobby. I hope that I can progress to the point where I can do some serious live music as well. I have progressed over the last few years and gradually I'm banishing the "clumsy" factor and hopefully becoming a more proficient bass player able to hold down a solid bottom end to enable others to do their part. Yes I get carried away with myself sometimes experimenting but that is the fun part about jamming right?

I also,play around sometimes with my midi keyboard, loops and VST's to help keep the jams going and learn a little more about music in general. I also enjoy taking some of the more exceptional jams and mixing them down. A few of them I sliced and diced so much they were quite different from the original jam but it's amazing what you can create with good source material.

Also, I make my living as a ships officer and spend a lot of time away from home, If you don't see me online for a long time that is why. My internet connection even when I'm in port will not support Ninjam (I've tried) so I'm relegated to noodling and practicing scales and such. Anyway look forward to many more good jams with everyone. And like others have said I'm surprised that we are actually such a small community. Out of the vast public of musicians many have either not heard of this or just are not interested, and I have tried to spread the word among my friends.

Hello ! I'm Yiorgos from

Hello ! I'm Yiorgos from greece a beginer guitar player and a beginer to ninjam !

Hey all, I'm Krillo. Drummer

Hey all,

I'm Krillo. Drummer from Sweden. I like to play alot of different styles. If it's good, it's good, right? I've taken up guitar and bass recently, but won't play that on the servers ;-) I'd also like to try out Soundjack for a realtime jam, get in touch if you're interested in that. See you on the servers!

Hello all. My late

Hello all. My late submission. I am an old beginner. I started on bass at age 50 (I 53). I have a lot of catching up. I often have to break your ears. I enjoy sharing good times with the most courageous. It's great to play with good musicians.
Thank you all and long live Ninjam.
phil "Zen" or Mr. BIAB :-))

Hiya Dad :) Nooo Wait!, your

Hiya Dad :)

Nooo Wait!, your not my Daddy. >:O

I close switches and scrape

I close switches and scrape wires randomly and hope for the best, hey sometimes it works out alright!

Some of the most fulfilling moments in my life have been creating pieces with you guys.

Hey whats going on? Im

Hey whats going on? Im AndrewJohnBeaton (EnjoyTheFight) . I play funkidy jazz- hoppidyhip. I play guitar, sometimes vocals, and drums.

Look forward to jamming with you. Usually on @ 10 pm eastern

Hi to all..very happy to

Hi to all..very happy to found this, great people playing, great everything...thanks to all. Hope to improve playing here and make nice distant friends. cheers..ohh My name is Pedro, and I'm from Portugal.

Hello Ninbotians! mojo here

Hello Ninbotians!
mojo here down under. Slowly learning the parameters of Ninjam and Ninbot.
This is a great tool and awsome way to play globally without having to travel. I love it.
I am happy to sit in on all styles of music and provide a drum rhythm to suit. Even playing with other drummers is great as long as it is structured.......
Bonis omnia bona! (look it up)
See you in the soup :)

hi all, I am giorgio , the

hi all,

I am giorgio , the fake drummer some of you may know (not even ashamed)

Just wanted to say hello !

1) My name is not actually

1) My name is not actually Karl.

2) You probably have already jammed with me, thus this introduction is pointless but still fun.

3) I love synths but my main instrument is guitar.

4) Ninjam was made for international noise jams.

5) I get cozy with the metronome when I can. Cuddle up with us.

6) I only think in numerically ranked bullet-form. ;)


well i am MARTY , collecting musicians and singers to compose with me , more than just jamming i guess. I am studying in CORK, Ireland , a great city to party and music everywhere. If u would like to jamm compose with me , that would be very cool. just got back from OSTEOPATH so i m chilling out for the weekend, M


Vox: ...........................
Lead & Rhythm Guitar
20 years experience
Drum looping
Bsss emulation

Rock, metal, blues, jazz, classical


I seem to be here as

I seem to be here as well.

Halo E.

Hey. So I've been jamming

Hey. So I've been jamming for almost a week now on NINJAM. It's pretty great. And the people on it are fun and friendly. Anyways, I've been playing for 5 years now. Never any lessons or anything - only self thought. I was self thought listening to mostly classic rock, metal, and blues. I live in a small town. Therefore it's always been hard to find people to jam with. And when i do find people they either wanna play a different genre than I do or either just aren't that good at playing... That being said. If anybody wants to jam to some metal or hard rock LET ME KNOW please! Thanks.

Hi all... I'm Inge alias

Hi all...
I'm Inge alias Jave...i love to sing sing sing and singggggggggg.
Sometimes i play a bit synth and (bad) guitar.
Hmmm ...what else? Well did i say already i love to sing? :-)

First off, I gotta say this

First off, I gotta say this stuff is soooo addicting!
I'm Bardo, I mainly play guitar, 6 and 12- string,and bass.
I tend to play the bass like a guitar player though.(too busy!)
I also dabble in the keyboards. Not very dgood but I can get a good float once in awhile.
Been using Reaper for 6 years now and dont know how I ever did without it.
Wait! yes I do.
Cassette player bounceing(hand held)
graduating to four track Tascam then to 8-track cassette.
Im a very young old person and love to be creative and jam.


Hi there fellas Radar's here

Hi there fellas Radar's here :)
Nexty shown me ninjam for the first time a while ago and
i've become ninjam-holic already... longer before introduce myself

i "can play" guitar and some other stuff ... i'm using quotes since i'm surely not a pro

catch ya

Greetings yall, Marcus

Greetings yall, Marcus here!
Just to say i am proud to be a ninjammer.I kind of play the bass guitar.
I love music and I love you all (including bringkeys,lol).
So cya soon on some session.

Hey all, some of you

Hey all, some of you probably know me as Andrew, but I've decided to change to my usual internet nickname after joining this site.

I play piano and synths. Hope to see y'all on ninjam.


Hello, my name is Pablo from

Hello, my name is Pablo from Santiago de Chile. This is awesome place. Now sitting in front of my computer is the most fun time of the day. Thankyou for making it possible. Fun-addict from now on :)

Name here is Joel, i spend

Name here is Joel, i spend as much time building stuff as i do playing. so i'm really not an expert at either, haha. not enough hours in the day.
I get on usually with a Telecaster guitar thru a Line6 Pod 2.0, but there's so many guitarists out there that I also sling a bass, or plug in my Roland GR30 guitar synth (on my Strat). So when i'm on my guitar synth you might here a Hammond B3, piano, or a flute, sax, maybe a string section. depends on what the jam is missing, i try to fill the hole.

Almost 1st anniversary I

Almost 1st anniversary

I have been round ninbot and ninjam since last December. With Reaper I bought a strange plug-in, I didn't know what to do with: ReaNINJAM. Googled, read about it, got it working (thx to Andy).

And ... it was one of the nicest experiences I've ever made on the Net. I left my lonesome homerecording sessions behind and plunged into the wonderful feeling of playing with other musicians from all over the world.

Great fascination!

I play guitar, bass, sing, sometimes I do synth-sounds. And I like to mix the records lightly. Its the music that goes along with my everyday life.

Thx to all I've every played with and will play!

Hiya ern there is a whole

Hiya ern there is a whole bunch of us love the blues



Hi, I am Dave! I am super

Hi, I am Dave! I am super glad I found this site. Lots of inspiration. I am here to meet musicians who want to record or lay down tracks over the internet! I enjoy playing all instruments but like using my voice the best! Check out my site! Giving Back Smiles!

Hey, My name is Paul and im


My name is Paul and im from Canada! : D I love to play the bass its pretty much awsome. Im fairly new to ninjam and I just signed up on this forum today. I look forward to jamming and communicating with all of you : )

See you round,

We have a real real big

We have a real real big voice here people. Guitarists look out, shes louder.

Hi Gday, Im Stradlez Im from

Hi Gday, Im Stradlez

Im from Melbourne Australia, Im a singer.
Im into anything from led zep to acdc or ballads, Im getting into some blues at the moment also.
When I get a chance I will come on and sing a tune. Im also new and learning :)
Always learning.

I've been using NINJAM for a

I've been using NINJAM for a while now, and came across NINBOT, naturally, in my searches, and thought I'd pop in to say, "hi." I already recognise several names around here.

I'm from the UK and mostly play my bass on the servers, although I might occasionally try guitar or keys.

I've been hanging around

I've been hanging around here bit lately, jamming with some really cool guys, and figured I'd formally introduce myself to the community. My name is David Scott (aka Nounverber), and I'll play whatever is needed in a session with the exception of live drums. I've spent the last ten years in my home studio, giving up playing live shows to spend time working on composing more complex pieces. I thought for a long time that I wasn't missing anything from playing live, including the interaction with other players, but NINJam has proven me wrong. I had forgotten how incredible of a feeling it is to have a piece of music just evolve out of a few guys noodling around...something that doesn't happen when you're alone at the boards with headphones on and a MIDI controller under your fingers.

This recent experience has given me new insight to the art of composing, and I am starting to include sections in my music that are reserved for improvisation and spontaneous performance. The quality of talent I have run across in the past few weeks is mind-blowing and has forced me to take off the headphones and crank up the amps again. My playing has gotten better (it has been on the decline ever since I stopped performing live, substituting practicing for writing session). I've been reminded that I was a guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist before I ever thought about composing.

It would be an honor to have some of the regulars play on some pieces that I've been working on, but I'll decide how to cross that bridge when I reach it.

Thanks for the many, MANY hours of jamming, and here's to many more.

Take care,

hi , i'm howard i'am a

hi , i'm howard
i'am a guitarist and a musical producer .
i create loop with all you want : bass ,keys ;drums ; i mute part that you want play and let's jam together .
style :jazz rock ,world music , britney spears....

I am 42 years old living in

I am 42 years old living in France and playing guitar since 3 years. When you see me on a server, you can be sure I am playing. However, I am often too frustrated by my playing to transmit it lol

I dont really remember how I discovered ninjam.

I am working in the computer industry and I really do believe this software is one of the best and most beautiful thing this industry produced, since the creation of the Internet. The concept of making the lag longer but coherent with the music is just brilliant.

I am very surprised it is not much known and used.

I suppose I should have done

I suppose I should have done this too, oh well better late than never. My name is Peter I live in NSW in Australia, and play guitar and sing. Sometimes I play badly sometimes I sing badly sometimes I do both badly at the same time. Ninjam is a good way to listen back to what you played and go yesss that was total crap, just as I thought. Seriously how could you not love Ninjam? I discovered it while doing research for online learning down here, while looking for examples of online collaboration. It's still the best example 3 years later. Cheers my friends!

Hi; I'm Matt. I live in

Hi; I'm Matt. I live in Virginia, US, and I play bass, guitar, and drums, but I'll probably stick to jamming strings 'round here.

I discovered Ninjam when a friend sent me a link to something called youphonics, which was vaguely cool, but I was disappointed that it didn't let you jam live, so I looked for something that does let you do that. Yay, random chance!


Yo! fellow Jammers. I love

Yo! fellow Jammers.

I love Ninjam, it allows me to play with my pals who alas are busy rearing families and getting on with 40 something life. Amazing that I can jam with guys and gals all over the internet without having them round drinking my beer and burning holes in my carpets! :)

I am amazed that so few people are into Jamming but I shouldn't be. To just 'put it out there' takes some nerve, especially when you are sure to make mistakes and sound terrible much of the time. I evangelise where I can (and get pretty miffed if people don't get it. More bandwidth for us I guess : ).

Anyway, great to join the community!

Jam on you crazy diamonds!

Hi I'm basste, from south

I'm basste, from south France. Play bass and guitar. Discover this jam world few days ago and find it great ! To be able to play with others from all over the world is an idea i completlety dig !
See you all soon in the jam room.

i just realized i never

i just realized i never introduced myself, how rude.
i'm Lvna , now some may be confused about my name, actually, in old spanish the V was ussed as an U .so i'm like that white magical thing rotating arround Gaia .
i'm into any ritual going on arround here.. lately hanging out with the experimental boys, recently created a group for fast trance experimental electronic music or anything that goes with it ,psychedelic style (not strictly 60' 70' psychedelic rock but every kind of music that allows you to manifest -delia- your soul -psyche- ).
so, i play synths and computers and spent zillion of hours jamming at ninjam and ninbot, and each second worth it ! ! !

lot's of love for everyone !

Welcome aboard the good ship

Welcome aboard the good ship Ninbot - great to have rhythm players around. (Or it will be when I get some time to play, again.)
...But how do you play with people, for people. Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play with people for others, to listen to, that's something else. That's a whole other world. -- Tony Williams

My name is Dan! Im from

My name is Dan!
Im from Germany,
im on here for a while now.
Its an honour and pleasure getting to know many musicians.
Besides that, this community has inspired me to pick up my Instrument again, since i have quitted it for many years.
Best regards.

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