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There have been a bunch of new users lately.
Anyway thought it might be fun to have a sticky
thread for people to introduce themselves. So here it is.

Hello All !! I feel very

Hello All !! I feel very lucky and happy to share and play music with all of you guys !! God Bless and Stay Safe Everyone ! Hoping to see some of you this week Jamming Online =)

Instagram : Clavier_03



Thanks for permitting new user SCRATCH to crash the party. Recently returned from time traveling, c19 brought focus here, stuck on the internet. NYC, underground mixtapes, worldwide sound system culture, too many musical influences to reference. Diggin in the crates, 45s, LP record collection mostly old school hip hop, dub, reggae, electronic, experimental. Hybrid analog and digital NINJAM setup: Reaper, Ableton, turntable, mixing console, drum machines. Grateful and humbled, blessed, to be able to JAM and improvise with such talented musicians. GATEKEEPERS of a new sound: the barrier to entry for developing a new art form requires a high technical standard, a space for accomplished technologists just as much for future proofed artists and musicians. Look forward to collaborating, experimenting and innovating new sounds, new genres. PEACE ⚡️

ANTI SOCIAL MEDIA // regular selections and mixtape dub sessions broadcasting live worldwide on independent platform and internet sound system, private NINJAM server also available for live streaming sessions:

Hola Jammers, soy Fede

Hola Jammers, soy Fede (Orgilep) estoy en Argentina y, aunque lo estuve esperando desde hace muchos años, conocí NinJam (NinBot y JamTaba) cuando ordenaron la cuarentena por culpa de la pandemia que nos esta afectando globalmente.
Conectarme para jammear cada noche (cada amanecer, cada mañana y, tal vez, cada tarde) o solamente para escuchar lo que Ustedes estén creando, me esta ayudando a mantener algo de cordura en estos meses tan extraños.
Me encontré con gente muy amable (aunque con "Carácter") y paciente (Bueno, no Tooooodos), sentí de inmediato que me hacían lugar alrededor del Fogón para que lo ocupe y construya mi parte.
Toco el Bajo eléctrico (4 y 5 cuerdas), aúllo al Mic y tonteo con VSTi en Control MIDI. Soy autodidacta y la música es mi refugio.

Bueno, eso. Gracias mil millones y espero poder dar un aporte positivo a esta comunidad.

Nos oímos en las Jamms!!!! Orgi.
Hi Jammers, I am Fede (Orgilep) I am in Argentina and, although I have been waiting for this for many years, I met NinJam (NinBot and JamTaba) when they ordered the lock-down because of the pandemic that is affecting us globally.
Connect for jamming every night (every dawn, every morning and, perhaps, every afternoon) or just to hear what you are creating, is helping me maintain some sanity in these strange months.
I met very friendly people (but with "Character") and patients (Well, not EeeeeeveryONE), I immediately felt that you were making room for me around the campfire to occupy it and build my part.
I play electric bass (4 and 5 strings), howl to Mic and fool with VSTi in MIDI Control. I'm self-taught and music is my refuge.

Well, that. Thank you a billion times. Hope to give a positive contribution to this community.

Hear ya' in the Jams!!!! Orgi.

Hi Everyone!!!! Im Lucas, a

Hi Everyone!!!!
Im Lucas, a multinstrumentist from Argentina. Im just starting to use Jamtaba for Jamming but looking forward to use it for rehearsals and lessons... Im thankful this soft exists, and im glad there's a community to whom I can ask some issues I might find in the way!!!

Greetings from Wales, UK.

Greetings from Wales, UK. Allegedly the land of song and doing rude things to sheep.

I am Diboz. By profession, a Producer/Director happily retired from the broadcast industry. Also, a pro recording, mixing and mastering guy.

Musician-wise, I play percussion, drums, Irish bodhran, softsynths and bass.

I have no preferred style of music. Happy to noodle along in any genre. :)

Hello from New Jersey! I am

Hello from New Jersey!

I am a bass player for Ronstadt Revue, the finest tribute to Linda Ronstadt in the world (IMHO). I am trying to see if we can use this platform for rehearsal. Trying to better understand the BPI thing so we can have a better experience. Will be tooling around here to see what I can learn. Might pop in for a jam or two as well.

Hello. Im Fabio from Italy.

Hello. Im Fabio from Italy. In these difficult days is very nice to play with someone . I play clarinet and saxophone . And also I have 3 didgeridoo, a piano, a guitar and 2 djambee. I love music .

Hi everybody and thanks for

Hi everybody and thanks for this place.
Using nintaba in linux with a creepy laptop and a creepy guitar, trying to found my sound.
Thanks for your patience!
Like all kind of music..

Hi everybody, I am Holger

Hi everybody,
I am Holger from Germany and a newbie in Jamtaba and reaper. Like to jam here and there. Thankfull about these nice pieces of software my friends and I can play a little bit in these bad times with viruses and sickness.
Nice to meet you on some ninjam-server
stay healthy

Hi Newbie here. I just

Hi Newbie here. I just learned Ninjam and so excited about it.
I love to connect with fantastic musicians all over the world!

Bless you!

Ray Soul

Acoustic Bass - John Jujak (circa 1959)
Electric Bass - MusicMan 5 String Custom Shop (1990)
Amp - Walter Wood Head, Ampeg Cabinet

Hi! I've been playing in


I've been playing in ninjam servers, for a few months, but until now, I haven't posted on the forums.

I send you greetings to all of you from Spain!

Lets play some music!

hi bros welcame all! i have

hi bros welcame all!
i have a problem for 4 years i use jamtaba,allways good i have a i7, 4gb, but this new version allways crahes, somoene have problems this last version?
thx for your help

Hi, my name is Rob

Hi, my name is Rob (ID=roberescolaire) Florida, USA. I have been a Reaper user for about five years. Very much so since my retirement in November of 2019 and now in 2020 with the global shelter at home. I only found out about this product this past weekend via the ReaperMania YouTube videos. I did my first logon this past Saturday and have had at least six fun jams.I now have a login so I hope this will help. I try very hard to lay back in the mix till I have figured out the key and changes and since I have the Arturia V Collection 23 VST Keyboards and Synths I look for whatever is missing and try to do simple parts that do not overwhelm. I feel bad when there are posts in a language I do not understand so I just listen and wait and just play. It has been a great honor to connect with so many talented musicians and I am grateful for their praise and patience. Play on all my music brothers.....

Hi Peter -- interesting to

Hi Peter -- interesting to hear that you play "country" music. It's a genre that I rarely hear on ninjam, and it could make for some interesting jams I think. I don't know much about country music, but am looking forward to hearing your jams.

Hi, I'm Peter from New York.

Hi, I'm Peter from New York. I play guitar, mainly acoustic, mainly early country and early jazz. I'm totally new to jamtaba and have been trying to get it going with a friend. I'm not sure I really know how it's supposed to work.

I will say that I successfully got a private server going and opened up the port on my router so my friend could log in.

Have you succeeded with it?


P. S. When you say you play "Western" I don't know whether you mean cowboy music or J. S. Bach!

Hi! Carlo from Italy.

Hi! Carlo from Italy. Keyboards and computer music. Live performer late 7 years 80 Rock New Wave.
See you around.

Hello! JONI from

JONI from Israel!
Bass and Glockespiel

Zirry Fredy Hi buddy see U

Zirry Fredy
Hi buddy see U around the world
Now is the only way to share something human
aftermath of f***1n virus. Bye

Hey Miko, Remember to wash

Hey Miko,

Remember to wash your hands and keep at least two metres (that's six feet six inches in the US) away from anyone in the same room whilst jamming :)

-- Peter

Hello guys! I'm Miko, a bass

Hello guys!

I'm Miko, a bass and guitar player. I also do bit of composing.

Im new to ninbot, but I'm exploring to get a way to jam with my band mates not to have to travel with this corona virus quarantine thing.

Tanks for leting me play!


Hi all I'm french tourist

Hi all

I'm french tourist drummer, and come here since a few years.
I had so many pleasure to play here with many guys, some great musicians, some great moments, pleasure most of the time.
I could'nt login since a long time, but the King Tom helped me, and I can say: Thank you !!!.

Have all a nice day, and nice moments playing good stuff on this magic road which we can walk on together.

(No subject)

Hello to all, I´m

Hello to all,

I´m misummer.
I live in Ruhr area in Germany. I play the guitar and the mandoline. I like all music styles you can do with classical/western guitar and mandoline.
I´ve read about ninbot in my facebook group. First I´m going to learn how to use ninbot.

I´ve seen some German users. Probably you can add a German group as well?

Best regards

Need to be a PRADA

Need to be a PRADA SUIT...for respect all the comunity!!! wear is the most important thing here...

Only the cape ! :)

Only the cape ! :)

I hope you always wear the

I hope you always wear the suit when jamming online. It would be disappointing if not.


Hello everyone ! I just

Hello everyone !

I just discovered that wondefull place and I already enjoy it !

I play some drums and I can't wait to jam !

I'm from France.

May the groove be with you...

Hello everybody I have

Hello everybody

I have played a few jams here and am thrilled with the opportunity to exchange music here worldwide. Many thanks to all who are here and especially to the people who give us the opportunity.

keep on rocking -- Hansi

Let´s hope he´s NOT

Let´s hope he´s NOT Italian. Italians talk faster than Brazilians. : /

*** I do what I like... : ) ... but I don´t like what I do... : / ***

I don't think ninjam is big

I don't think ninjam is big enough for two marcellos. Obviously we need a rap battle to the death.

Hya! I´m just passing here

Hya! I´m just passing here to say there is another Marcello, with upper case "M". He is NOT me. I will always keep my lower case "m".

*** I do what I like... : ) ... but I don´t like what I do... : / ***

Welcame ninjam world my

Welcame ninjam world my friend!
My band has finnish after 20 years and i became a lot depress... since 2015 i discover ninjam and i cure my depression!!!
For my music friends i am a crazy guy that use pc and vst to make music around the world ... people think that i m crazy and dont believe when i say that i play with only pc ise amplitube 4 vst for my guitar, bass, and acustic guitars control with fcb 1010 pedalbord...i have sell all my amps, pedals, guitars just keep my prs custom that was my dream

Rydermillermusic Whats going


Whats going on with you guys!! Already thanks for the welcome, I have been on and met a few really cool dudes so far, and the jamtaba vst has been interesting way to bring some life to music stuck in a rut and a whole world of imagination.. I love the energy as well. I hope to one day create a app that will connect to your server or help improve a existing one.

Ill probably catch a lot of hatred but I am a very active Power user of FL Studio. I have been a beta tester for Imageline since 3.4

I am a Berklee Grad in Production & Engineering. I am also self taught before schooling, just wanted the walls to look more professional with the elegant wording to certify I am a musician..

I have been writing and performing for over 20 years and have some credits, I released my first semi pro project in 2005, my second project in 2008. after minimal success and a ton of fun I had to stop there for the time being for my father was dien and I wanted to be there... a lot has changed since I was last on the music scene and getting back in seems to be messing with my head... I still have a lot of love for music, still have the drive, as I sit in front of the computer and keyboard I go blank....till now! So thank you all Its has been a blessing to discovering this group, server, vst and community!!! Its time


Rydermiller is googlable

yes... welcame ALL!

yes... welcame ALL!

it is good that it's good to

it is good that it's good to see new people's heads nicer people open to different styles of music the musicians of the real then welcome to all new

Bonnes fêtes

Bonnes fêtes

Welcame to ninjam

Welcame to ninjam world!!!
This the future of making music...
Have fun and make music.

Great to have you. Hope you

Great to have you. Hope you have alot of fun here.

Happy to have discovered

Happy to have discovered this wonderful system for playing with anyone from all over the world whenever I want to.
"May the Rythm be with you....always !!! "

Bonjour! Welcome my friend

Welcome my friend to the future of making international sounds, and make MUSIC!
Superb quality work you do..
See you next jam,,,

Welcome Brunaldo. See you.

Welcome Brunaldo.
See you.

Nice to see so much

Nice to see so much musicians around the world :)
so much way of life and thinking, for my part i'm french, from Lyon since i was born (quite south of France)
It is a great historical city (Klaus Barbie and french Resistance, Vercingetorix face to Cesar -lyon was called Lutèce-, many art Museum and it is more a village than paris ^^)
I did study graphism in this city. but as a passionnate guy i am, i discovered many kind of art : music was my favorite, and i wanna live of that now.
see u

my site :

Wow Andy, lets Jam then....

Wow Andy, lets Jam then.... :)

A música ecoa, a música aproxima.

Hi, I'm Andy and I come from

Hi, I'm Andy and I come from the future.
I came back in time to be part of the birth of Ninjam, but my time machine broke and the parts I need are in the future.
I think I may have already damaged the timeline and am actively seeking to try repair the damage.

In the future everyone is ninjaming, and the force created one day from a massive jam, is so powerful, it diverts a huge asteroid from hitting Earth.

So you see your actually saving planet Earth by jamming.



welcome my friend! See you

welcome my friend!
See you next jam,,,

Welcome, good fun. We wait

Welcome, good fun. We wait for you. :)

A música ecoa, a música aproxima.

Hey all, just wanted to say

Hey all, just wanted to say hello and i look forward to jamming with y'all.... Im a drummer from the USA.. i use to gig a lot with my old band but after college i was domesticated! Got me a wife and kid and the glory days of making music were over haha!!
Now i don't get to play with other people all that often so, I'm glad i found out about this little community you have here.

Anyway drums/percussion are my principal instruments but i noodle on guitar and ukulele. I dig all kinds of music and got thick skin so you can tell me if you don't like what I'm doing and ill try and adjust to the needs of the group :) Ill keep this short so...see y'all online jamming!

"I'm reliable sources, I'll tell ya anything you want me to know." -Tom Waits

Sejas benvindo a este novo

Sejas benvindo a este novo mundo musical que à muito precisavamos para nos podermos expressar!
O que mais importa é de coraçao fazer musica uns com os outros.
obs: é um mundo magico, somos nos os respnsaveis por que o ambiente seja seja sempre educado, respeitador, criativo.

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

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