How not to play 12 bar blues on Ninjam

Thanks to explore the

Thanks to explore the possibility PlJones
Doing maths and drumming hurts ;)

his is one of the reasons that once I had found the right BPM which summarized in seconds a complete pattern of a 12/8 blues.
I mutated the metronome of Ninbot and I started mine on the right definition for others users.
The time of a loop being the same that was buckling correctly and it is my sequencer that provided the tic as it should.
In the end you summarize well by decreasing the BPM (speed) lengthens the time as you want.
Expand the time.....

OK, I was getting very

OK, I was getting very confused trying to work this out whilst drumming -- us drummers are a simple lot.

12/8 at 84 bpm - now the first question is what does the score indicate the "beat" size is. Unless it is indicated otherwise, it will be crotchet (quarter note) per beat. But it is perfectly possible to have dotted crotchet or quaver (eighth note) as the beat for the BPM in the score.

For example, if the score says dotted crotchet = 84 bpm and you want your click track on quavers, you need three quavers for every dotted crotchet, which would be 3 * 84 = 252 bpm -- remembering that "beat" has now become quaver rather than dotted crotchet, so the actual speed has not changed at all.

OK, but if you want 12 bars of 12 beats at 252 bpm, then you hit the problem - 12 * 12 = 144, which is too big. (252 is not too big.)

So you go back to the score. It says the beat is a dotted crotchet, not a quaver. So, you have four lots of three quavers for your 12 quavers and 12 bars is then 12 * 4 = 48 (of course).

And your BPM is back to 84 - because the beat is a dotted crotchet and you need to play three quavers per "tick" in NINJAM.

So that's all well and lovely. But wait -- that was assuming 84 dotted crotchets per minute. What if it was normal crotchets? First, that would not be the most helpful way to score, as the piece doesn't have a beat that uses the crotchet - it's in groups of three quavers. But let's say it's being awkward.

84 crotchets per minute is 168 quavers per minute. That's 56 dotted crotchets per minute, too. So you can use 56 BPM and 48 BPI. (56 is okay -- looks like 40 is the low end.)

Finally, if that was scored as 84 quavers per minute, that's 28 dotted crotchets per minute -- which is incredibly slow. So yes, you'd be stuck trying to get 144 beats per interval... mmm...

Thank you for your vision,

Thank you for your vision, and somewhere you are right because once I had thought in 4/4 with bpi 48 and after synchronizing the times I muted the metronome of ninbot and put into use the metronome of my sequencer which gave me the correct reference of 12/8.
These are manipulations that are not obvious, but it works.
It always buckled at the same beat on Ninbot.
I looped the original drums, keyboard and bass

You can think of 12/8 as 4/4

You can think of 12/8 as 4/4 with triplets for each quarter note. 1-2-3, 2-2-3, 3-2-3, 4-2-3. Then just use 48 quarter notes per interval.

For example, in the score presented here:
you can see the notes are grouped into dotted quarter notes - but if you thought of each dotted quarter note as a not-dotted quarter note and played the eighth notes as triplets it's the same thing (more or less).

It is obvious the format of

It is obvious the format of 48 BPI to play a blues with a time signature 4/4 works perfectly.
But it's boring after 10 'on the 4/4
I play the blues less square like "Since I ‘been loving you from Led Zeppelin"
The rhythmic signature is 12/8 >>> it would be necessary to put the BPI at 144 to have a tic with each eighth note. Not possible!
I tried to simplify by putting the BPM in half and thinking 6/4 or BPI to 72. Not possible!
By decreasing again, the speed with a BPI of 36 the whole sequence passes (one has to imagine the eighth notes in his head, the metronome Ninbot becomes very slow with this setup.
I wrote a BT to play "Women from Ireland" in jam. A pretty melody in blues. Outside because it is still a slow blues in 12/8 it is necessary to put the BPI to 144
The server settings set the limits to 64!
It's good to play jazz grid AABC with a signature 4/4 and 16 measures. No problem. It is the most elaborate that can be done in jam.

To leave the frozen sequence of 4/4 would be a wellbeing rhythmically and musically. Please set the BPI limit of the server to 144 to blues otherwise!?
If not more than to make covers each turn to really play music! It works too

As always, if you're

As always, if you're listening to what's being played all the time and responding by changing what you're playing to fit, then the groove is most likely to grow :).

WOW thats a really good

WOW thats a really good expaination :-) Thanks for putting it online!

So we should really use 48 bpi on blues.

But i also enjoy a simple and meditative groove in 16 bpi as well. For me the most fascinating aspect about ninjam is this simple concept of playing together over one repeating slice of time - over and over until it grooves! Sooo coool!

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