How did you find NinJam?

I met someone from a different country at Myspace. I told him that I wish we could jam together but didn't know how, perhaps you do? Yes there is a way he said...NinJam. That was the start for me.

How did you find it?

it found me back in 2005

it found me back in 2005 when itwas only a open source stand alone

I clicked the "I'm Feeling

I clicked the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on Google, and got laid too!

Google is wonderful!

I was searching for a

I was searching for a mystical pot of jam that would bring eternal life to whomever possesses it. Legend has it, that you can eat as much jam as you desire as the pot will never empty .... unfortunately, the legend also states, that it's heavily guarded by ten Ninjas who all love jam!

I wanted to have a jam with my friends online, Google lead me to Ninjam,

I nearly ended up on e-jamming as Ninjam client crashed on XP., I just couldn't get it to work at first.

Thanks guys. Amazing read !

Thanks guys. Amazing read !

Nexty shown me the light i

Nexty shown me the light

i got through Andy's guide too, which i think i never thank him for
your guide helped a lot and has been forwarded to everyone i link to ninjam

thank you both guys,
thank you ninjam ;)

ninjam is for me one of that

ninjam is for me one of that turning points in life you have once or twice in a decade. The dream of Network collaboration started for me in the late 1998-99 with rocket network and cubase (version 3.7 i think?). The idea was great, something similar to reaper's session mode back then, but never worked for me at all appart from downloading some demo sessions available, perhaps due to my "super broadband internet speed" of 14.4 kbps dialup (you know i had to bike my entire city looking for that modem!!!) or absence of free trial submission, can't tell. As no collaboration could be possible i continued making music as always, the old method, rather alone or with some friends at home.

How did i find it? Some months ago during a long skype talk with a friend i was holding my guitar and playing some notes while we talked....... I remember I said, hey why can't we play as we talk, like old times but each one of us at home.....then the obvious discussion of latency, etc. took place....that was the beginning of the search. then google took me to wikipedia and wikipedia to ninjam. I wish i knew a little about software programming nowadays (im stuck with atari 800xl's basic still! :/ ), so i could make ninjam a little better. I dream i had it in my X1!!!!! or at least a 128kbps stereo channel to send in HQ instead of two stereo 64kbps......I also thought of a serverless edition...something like bittorrent DHT, so the only limit is heaven....and your connection....uffff. well so much can be done, but theres time....

At last, I wish all of you happy ninjamming over the new decade, so far it's been very nice for me and hope it was for U2 (no...not bono), cya there!!!

True,I think you are right

True,I think you are right Andy. I was not thinking of online software until I received an E-mail blast from Fender where they had had a trial sign up to EJamming.

Don't see it as $86 wasted

Don't see it as $86 wasted but more if you hadn't have paid it you may never have found stayed Ejamming then possibly never found NINJAM.

So when looking at it like that it was a good investment. :D

Buzzz - I started using

Buzzz - I started using EJamming last March. I even payed money on a years sign up to it. 86 American dollars for one year. Big mistake. Most people just sit in the lobby at Ejamming and wait for someone to create a session. They have some regulars that treat it as their own and just play with the same people over and over. New people come in and get frustrated over the setup and just leave EJamming. Anyway while in Ejamming someone mentioned NinJam to me ( while we were complaining about Ejamming)and helped me get started with NinJam. This application is so much friendlier and setup is pretty much non-existent. Everyone here just plays,no talking over mic's ( Another big thing in Ejamming). I go back to EJamming every once in a while ( I am still angry over the waste of the 86 dollars,ha) to look but nothing ever changes. Oh well, looking forward, NinJam is great and I like the community feel over here too.

I started using a guitar FX

I started using a guitar FX App called rakarrack, and needed help with it, when i joined rakarrack irc channel @ freenode network in search for answers, someone asked, hey are you up for a Jam??I thought...wth!?!? a jam???? only took that 20 minutes jam to become addicted..

I tried out ejamming when it

I tried out ejamming when it was in beta and hated playing with noticable lag. I googled for other online jamming software and found ninjam in summer 2008 - Ive been hooked ever since.

I found a post on the Forums

I found a post on the Forums at I was already using Reaper but unaware of this function so this sounded like a good find... and it was.

Translation of Above: Using

Translation of Above:

  • Using Yahoo :):

I was in 2009 DAW one treating, when I saw a set of documents on the musicians I touched in the Internet. To be en Brazil (Acceso the Internet is not good here) found to make through music en Internet would take much time, but my surprise the Reaper for el system of has one here This permisos of diciembre if. Tiva this interaction with good moments musicales.

  • Using Google:

I was looking for a DAW in 2009, when I saw a documentary about the musicians who played on the Internet. Being in Brazil (Internet access is not good here) found that making music through the Internet would take a long time, but to my surprise the Reaper has a system This allows since December is here. I had a good time with this musical interaction.

Haha Google Won. :D

Eu estava procurando um DAW

Eu estava procurando um DAW em 2009, quando eu vi um documentário sobre os músicos que tocavam na Internet. Estar no Brasil (acesso à Internet não são bons aqui) encontrou que fazer música através da Internet levaria muito tempo, mas para minha surpresa o Reaper tem um sistema. Isso permite que desde dezembro está aqui. Tive bons momentos com essa interação musical.

I had looked at Rocket audio

I had looked at Rocket audio and FTP options when I first moved to the CA wilderness in 2000. I could only get satellite connection and it dropped out all day. Then I saw Ninjam when it first came out but had to wait until bandwidth allowed. Now FioS is avail and I'm stoked beyond recognition. I usually use yahoo im to send wav files back and forth, using an mp3 reference track in each studio. This is a great platform/plug that will eliminate alot of tedium in my online collaboration efforts, and allow for more interaction in those early steps of writing as well.

From online friends

From online friends

At the time I was doing

At the time I was doing virtual shows in SecondLife...Some friends mentioned that I should check out this program...Ninjam..I put if off..(stupid mistake) Thought it would be just another fluke chat/voice program. I finally gave in and after many a headache from trying to get it to work...WOW!!!!! I fell in LOVE and I've been hooked ever since :) Hammer..if you guys want to do a show in SL just for the FUN of it.....I still have plenty of contacts. :o)

I had an epiphany: Ninjam

I had an epiphany: Ninjam revealed itself to me in my dreams
I woke up all sweaty sold my mercedes and...:)

No that's bulls*** of cuz hahaha.
Was googling for guitar software I guess and stumbled upon Ninjam
That was in 2005 already. So I guess I'm one of the ninjamoldies.
Started singing for fun after a couple of beers and BlueTom wanted to do some collaborating with me singing and playing guitar.
Played in the VLB and SL but returned to Ninjam because I like improvisation too much.
The creation of music not repeating the same song over and over again.
Of cuz I have my limits and use same patterns and lyrics.
But I really love the free boundaries of Ninjam and the potency of creating something.
Would be fun to do a real virtual live show.. :)

Music is my best friend and it will be my last..

GREAT FRIEND-hummmmm For new

For new year I was give to my friend wireless headphones-and he?
He to me just one CD-and when I was come to home I was put this CD in PC and than ?
Than 1st what I was doing was this:
I was imMEdiatelly call this my friend and tell him DAMN U I WAS BUY THIS HEADPHONES FOR 100 euro AND U TO ME JUST THIS CD WTH ONLY 4 MB - F* YOU (he is my best friend and was funny)
But gys this 4 MB was change my life
and now iff some gime chance that I must chose btw new mercedes and this 4 MB all U know what will be my answer

There's no escape, both

There's no escape, both translations look very very convincing to me!
Fingers crossed...thanks

that's arduino - very cool

that's arduino - very cool device people are doing lots of fun controllery stuff with it.

do you mean he was just in

do you mean he was just in your eJam session talking about ninjam?

I was chillin in the

I was chillin in the eJamming lounge when some guy came in and spammed for almost an hour. I tried it once and never looked back to the eJamz.

Unfetted, here it is in

Unfetted, here it is in Finnish:

and here it is in Russian:

It's been pretty good at Translating so far but we could deal with any issues if they pop up.

heard about ninjam long time

heard about ninjam long time ago, even navigated thru those ninjam site pages, but all seemed too complicated and confusing at that moment,then a few years ago some friends at kompoz, a music collaboration site,told me to join them at a jam they were having at ninjam.....downloaded and in a few hours(8pm to 4 am lol) i was ninjamming...with some latency issues ,and with no understanding of anything about how it works,bpis bpms and that s***, but listening to others play and playing! that was a great moment!

Andy, I send him your link.

Andy, I send him your link.

He could be in the generation Finns whos 2nd language is Russian, only guessing, but he looks old enough for that. It would be great if your link got him here, othervise we have to send a 10 year old over, that will sort him in minutes, lol

I could do with one...

You'd have the place full of

You'd have the place full of XBox Live users in no time -- and make a fortune..!

But I still believe virtual instruments are the way to go. So long as you included Reaper, Kontakt and MIDI I/O in your hardware device, I'd be happy :).

I've often dreamt of

I've often dreamt of creating some stripped down device to lower the tech skills required to gain entry. Something built on top of a open source hardware platform (like Adurino); basically a box with an ethernet plug, a few audio inputs & outputs running some GUI-less Ninjam client on bare-bones Linux firmware. You plug it in to your router, plug in your guitar & headphones, hit the 'connect' button and away you go. Now if I could only find 6 months to spare... :P

When I started on NINJAM it

When I started on NINJAM it was so confusing and there was nothing to explain, only incorrect guides leading me to be more confused so I stopped reading them, looked at the program and got setup.
After realizing how some setup guides and incorrect info around had led me to the confusion in the first place I took the time to write this guide.
Others then added some and I updated with some pics and more info on some questions that were thrown up.

The first part should get most setup but for them needing extra help some of the questions and answers are in the rest of the thread.

This should get most setup in 10 to 20 mins.

Thanks for feedback! A week

Thanks for feedback!

A week ago I got a mail from a Finn that I was hoping to jam with here at ninjam, no way that I could set it up he said. We have had great studioquality jams at Skype. Me here on guitar, a German saxophonist and a Xylophone player from Africa.

I know that there are many that have tried to set up and failed, it took me 3 weeks to figure it out, it was like getting a huge jigsaw puzzle in a carrierbag and beeing left on your own to sort it without knowing the picture. Thats me! What is the success wonder there is a majority of very skilled computer users here. Someone like me, more or less computer illiterate has problems.

There are several ways to jam Online, Synthany knew about 5 options.

Would Skype be the one to reach jammers that are not high tech?

Any thoughts...

I was researching 64-bit

I was researching 64-bit DAW's and soon found Reaper along with ReaNinjam. Then after seeing the all black Ninbot site, I thought this probably was like some kind of cult.

A colleague and programmer,

A colleague and programmer, Tyler Freeman told me about NINJAM,
and in November of 2005, I had my first NINJAM session with
Mike Austin, alex, pixelcort, and popo. It lasted 5 hours.

But my very first online music session wasn't with NINJAM. It
was with the V-BRICK system that included both hardware and
software. None of the engineers seemed to know how to compensate
for the latency however, and the sessions were painfully awkward.

Now we have options: NINJAM, jamLink, e-jamming, jackTrip, and
limited access to other university-based apps being developed.

Yeah same as Joe, I figured

Yeah same as Joe, I figured there must be something available and
googled. That was 3 years ago too. What took you
guys so long! :)

About 3 - 4 years ago

About 3 - 4 years ago microsoft had a commercial on tv in which they showed a bunch of musicians jamming online together
i searched and searched for such an application finding none in existance. was just in the works but fell upon ninjam which seemed to be a more stable application and stuck with it since

I was looking for a good DAW

I was looking for a good DAW and stumbled upon Reaper. Afetr lurking in the Reaper forums for a long while, I got intrigued byu the sub-forum labled "Ninjam" (Ninjas? What?) The rest is history.

One night it simply struck

One night it simply struck me that jamming online might be possible.

So I Googled for it, and drifted safely to coasts of Ninjam.

I used to use ResRocket

I used to use ResRocket years ago which changed to RocketControl and was in most music apps and apart from some bugs was pretty good. I kept looking until something workable came about when Rocket closed.
When Rocket Control closed a few in the cene put together a way to still do Rocket but it was with FTP servers and other software and just was a bit of hassle.

I see NINJAM when it was very young but didn't have the time then, but a year later and it was working much better with a nice gui.

There is probably a few people in NINJAM and part of it that used to be part of ResRocket or similar.

I think it was this thread

I think it was this thread on K-v-R that alerted me to NINJAM-land. Took me a while to get set up, though - it looks like I hadn't quite got there till August! :)

I've read someone at KVR

I've read someone at KVR Forums talking about Ninjam. I installed the program but didn't found the catch. One year later of so tried again and till now.

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