hi all, im david perreko, ive been long time off ninbot and jams, but lately and gladly i got here again.
Now im "neoanon" but i still play drums and sometimes some noises with electronic gear.
I always try to match and contribute musically but hey, maybe i do not play as you would like (im human and not a drummachine that lays out your favorite, perfect and constant beat for you to wail over), in this case, feel free to use the mute button located in my track channel, the same i do with anyone that for some reason ( crackles, louder than hell sound, non stop soloing, boring scales etc.) annoys me, but please, never tell me to leave the jam, i wouldnt never tell that to anyone, basically because i havent got the rights to say such, servers arent mine, they are PUBLIC.

thanks and have fun jamming!

Hey and welcome back

Hey and welcome back neo!

*** (im human and not a drummachine that lays out your favorite, perfect and constant beat for you to wail over)

^^ Yeah human! Long live the inperfection! The salt in the soup of life! :-)

This just came to

This just came to me...


... about ninjam :)

Good to see you back David !

Good to see you back David ! Will return some day in the future for some action...

Hi Dave wb.

Hi Dave wb.

Hi donPerreko, have you

Hi donPerreko, have you really changed ?

I stayed on your last post
Submitted by perreko on Mon, 04/19/2010 - 21:01.
yes, you (bilos,and in same way but may be not as consciently,parrot) put in the same bag experimental ,with sillyness,prank,lack of respect and kid's behaviour,thats what those now famous jammers have been doing ,and by doing this you clear all us what you are thinking of and how you are,yes i think bad of you

Since 2010 it has happened full of evolutions.
The musicians have better skills, and despite some clash the behaviors are better. And a lot of new users.
You came back discreetly in "neoanon" but I recognized you.
Anyway in what you just wrote you do not like the Neoclassical and shred, our paths are not the same LOL

Then I'm not resentful, you are wellcom again. Try again

Hi Perreko, haven't seen you

Hi Perreko, haven't seen you on in a long time my friend. Again, please tell Carl Palmer I also said hello.

Welcome back dude!

Welcome back dude!

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