has anyone stumbled across docler.com yet?

Hi guys, doorthe here,

yes its been forever since ive been around. RL and all.

ok this is NOT spam! this is really me asking a real question! because i see this looks like a spam post! ok then, heh

so this is why i'm here right now. i was just turned on to a kind of chat-room music site called docler.com, and i wondered if anyone else has heard of it or been there from ninjam.


(here;s the likn, because wow, even google doesnt know what this site is yet.)

it isnt collaborative, rather its just single people playing in rooms, with chat and they can take tips, etc. like a sex chat site (!) but for musicians! lol really.

i had a nice long chat with an electronic keyboardist, i toled him about ninjam/ninbot, he would be the perfect type of player.

anyway im curoious if this site has any buzz at all. it seems super new, like 6 months, and most of thr players are paid pros, you know, just to fill the rooms. there are a few real ameteurs tho. i probably will join and try it (once i get a better webcam lol)

looking forward to any feedback, see you in the jam


Também entrei no site e

Também entrei no site e não gostei, tive a impressão que os host das salas estavam lá a trabalho e não lazer. A música quando tocada como aqui no ninbot, soa mais solta.
Se tiver que pagar por todo conteúdo que usar de lá, vou ter que vender todos os meus bens... O que mais gosto é tocar, editar e montar vídeos, este é meu melhor passatempo.

A música ecoa, a música aproxima.

Yes Doctler is just the

Yes Doctler is just the front end for about 3 sites, the site you stream through is sonicbox.com.

I didn't know that they claimed rights to anything made too, that's a massive red herring.

It shows sometimes people with no business sense or knowledge of how to run a business correctly can still make money from one.

Twitches Music section is upcoming.

OBS Studio now has presets for Twitch and Youtube streaming to make it simpler for people to stream.

I worked out a way to host many into a single stream and onto a page. I need to check for a similar app on mac, but with this people can run simple ip cams which soon as they go online they'd show on a page.
I reckon Tom could probs add a automated section similar to the adding ninjam servers, but then people could add their ip cam url, which if using no-ip.com or similar dynamic dns they could have a simple url they put it.
Then ninbot could check if a feed exists then stack them in a page if they're on.

For the PC the software needed on a user end is YawCam which is free and pretty good for what you need.

As for the cams they need no special script or flash to run, just a browser page.
You can see with this one here, just a active random one I found.
Obviously it's not niced to put out your ip address so using a free dyndns service like no-ip.com you can say turn it into.

Only thing the page would need to do is reshuffle the content which a bit of script could sort, to remove an item when it was void.

Maybe free to view, gold to add, but with a initial free beta period to get it off the ground.

Also some of these camera's you can move around, zoom in and out etc.

With Yawcam it allows you to set max framerate and max bandwidth and connections which for some might be needed.

However, using obs these cams can be pulled into a single stream meaning a persons connection wasn't chocked and only pulled once by ninbot then streamed to say youtube etc.
A script would have to be done to auto add and remove cams from the main stream but it is doable.

I agree about it resembling

I agree about it resembling a sex chat site. I also agree most if not all of the musicians are paid, full time employees, by their own admission. I just assumed it was to give a good front end until the site got off the ground.

Also, perhaps more sgnificantly, there is an identical (including l/p sign-in) site called sonicbox.com. When I first found docler, it had all musicians, but now it has more spiritual tarot types and talky dj's and other odd stuff.

Finally, I agree with you Andy about the terms, taking ownership of any music created on the site, I was pretty surprised by that, and quite turned off. The FAQ was dense to read and it took me a bit of time to read that clearly.

Oh well, I hope you guys aren't mad at me that I introduced what apparently seems a bum site. Maybe it will evolve but it seems unlikely. Anyway thanks for the feedback all the same. Happy jamming you guys

idk, i have mixed feelings

idk, i have mixed feelings about this thing.





Yeah I read up on the

Yeah I read up on the business and the CEO sounds a dick and is constantly firing people.

After reading about the CEO and how they want like a front and back of id, which tbh they haven't got a right asking for and that could be illegal in itself.

I don't trust it and I don't trust someone who's been in the sex trade.

don't bother andy they're

don't bother andy

they're all paid broadcasters, propping up a failed business. just hang out as a guest, and say nice things to the people. they will appreciate it.

Gonna give it a try but it

Gonna give it a try but it wants photo's of the front and back of ya driver license or passport. That is a bit excessive. Gonna try but block start of numbers but put them in the info it asks for.
If they get hacked someone could do serious identity theft.





Free to join and play, free

Free to join and play, free to view, users can buy "tips" (why?) and tip the musicians if they want!

uau!!! is paid or free? thx

is paid or free?

what a peculiar experience.

what a peculiar experience. highly recommended. quite bizarre actually.

nice, thanks for the tip.

nice, thanks for the tip. first ive heard of it.

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