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This whole thing looks silly if you have a banner and nobody playing :)

Well okay the whole thing looks pretty silly regardless.

QUOTE: Andy, sorry to

Andy, sorry to intrude, but are you talking about the next Experimental jam on Dec 14? It will happen 3PM London time this coming Sunday. That's late enough for a tipple?

Yeah, just :) I'm confused, is there 2 that day?

I come to get a drink and bit hot so cooling down but its 4:34am now and online are these people in this country. :)
mvollrath Miami,FL, US
GDorn Portland,OR, US
Mediator Saintorensdegameville,B3, FR
rob Arlington,VA, US
shifter Hampton,VA, US
tbfx Rancho Cucamonga,CA, US
rAzzeL Miami,FL, US
Stabb Fitzgerald,GA, US
fr0th Newberg,OR, US
slArdeL Portland,OR, US

Which just shows at these times what area of the world is jamming.

Yawn, right I'm off back to bed, night. :)

Anyone for a non-stop New

Anyone for a non-stop New Year's Eve around the world jam..?

Tom, can you add a link to

Tom, can you add a link to the calendar to the Create Event form, please, just to make it easy to check what else is already scheduled.

Ta! :)

Andy, sorry to intrude, but

Andy, sorry to intrude, but are you talking about the next Experimental jam on Dec 14? It will happen 3PM London time this coming Sunday. That's late enough for a tipple?

That's gonna be hard from

That's gonna be hard from Dream Land man where I'll be at 7am. :)
I'm like cool with late night to make it early night there but I think moving it to there you have probably excluded all people from Europe. For some it maybe 8am or even 9am but can a vibe really be attain that early in the day?
Also most of us like to have a tipple or two when having a Jam like this, to relax into the mood ;) but I worry a few alcoholics could be created getting them Jamming 7 or 8 am in the morning. :)

I do understand wanting it late though but if its after 9pm over there it makes it near on impossible for us in Europe to join. 9pm over there is 5am over here and every now and then at a weekend a late all nighter to say start 5am and finish 7am is doable. But in the mornings its not just getting up and prepared but most have living houses which make it a bit hard to achieve this sorta thing in a busy house morning time.

It looks like I'm being negative again but I'm not, if this stuff isn't debated it just festers and people start feeling left out then before you know it someone creates a 2nd group of the same thing and everything starts thin out and ties and binds start to form.
If that happens its no longer Open then you newer guys to NINBOT would have never got to this point if we all locked up shop on you when you first arrived. I've been jumping in a lot of puddles creating some unwanted ripples to try stop it becomes closed off.

Humans have a natural instinct to bind and form groups, because of this the world has so many problems. NINJAM might not be the world but it has similar principles to many other places of social gathering.

Now I'm gonna have to put my foot down, ooh s***, I stamped on a bug, wait ill give it mouth to mouth, Ohhhh Noooo!, I swallowed it..... :SSSSS

QUOTE; PS: U.G. when you say

PS: U.G. when you say 8 hours u mean it will be instead of 11pm gmt it will now be 8am gmt? END QUOTE.

7am 21 December Your time.


As I cant mail you, could you arrange a proper conductor to do what you proposed earlier?

Sounds Good JimG, listened

Sounds Good JimG, listened to a lot of ya stuff on myspace and I get ya.
I think its pretty cool taking a journey into music like that and hopefully that's gonna come out in the music we all do.
The Mandolin is a great source for the type's of music you do, so next time when ya in and we do stuff like this I'll break out the orchestra in a box and pull some essence out of me and imprint into your style, with freshness of an orange zest to add to your own originality ;)


PS: U.G. when you say 8 hours u mean it will be instead of 11pm gmt it will now be 8am gmt?

14 December.A new

14 December.A new Experimental event. An experiment in the experimental space. Perhaps just the right thing for someone thinking of joining us.
Go to Groups/Experimental and check out the new post.


Let me say that if I had my

Let me say that if I had my feelings out there too much then I was out of line in doing so as I think it fueled some mixed signals here. When Andy made that commment it was hard for me not to respond in some way as I felt gee okay maybe I wasn't on the mark always but I had viewed it as exploring and 'free' and felt there was some rhyme and reason. However I feel I may have have reacted from ego which is always a mistake. This all said beyond all this as I've done NinJam on several different situations one being about 90% of the 2.5 years of experience and the thing that I dearly love about it is the interaction with other musicians from all over the planet particularly when it feels like that many of us are 10K plus apart, that just blows me away. I really wondered where everyone Saturday was from. I knew Peter certainly from other NJ's but where was everyone else, Andy? others?

I'm listening back now and there were to my ears some good moments I would say for my money and interest it was closer to experimental and not as harmonically flowing as what several of you verbalized and the idea of doing something more orchestrated in that regard sounds kind of cool. That said however my interest bends more to tone painting and texture and looping. Though I was playing violin that night my founddation is guitar however the last two years I have experimented with fretless guitar, oud, violin and mandolin settling in the last year to putting a lot of energy into the electric violin and oud. Though my violin technique is certainly 'green' I like working with it's textures a lot hence the attraction to this kind of engagement.

Look fwd to the next one whatever path it may take. Best to all folks.

I like Experimental as well,

I like Experimental as well, it means we can be totally free to do what we want.

Also I moved rooms, not built me studio setup yet, will probably built the area, shelving etc then buy the hardware after xmas, maybe. :)

first skin renoved , seems

first skin renoved , seems an ugly lizard trying to reach the sunny stone lol ,just wanting to point out the freedom that will remain in the now called experimental group you can experiment safely, without going out your well known buses ,or you'd just ignore them and become what you always wanted to be but never had the balls :D

Ok, lets move on from Free

Ok, lets move on from Free jazz..........

I have booked next event, GMT 07:00:00 21 Dec 2008
Starting time moved 8 hrs onwards from last jam for everybody.
This cycle of moving 8 hrs will continue,and over time be fair to everyone.

4 hr sessions should be enough to be able to join in at some time.

Next week is still unbooked, and as you know im not here to administer, so go ahead if you feel to book and press the start/stop button. I gave you a link in my last E-mail.



I'll try drumming to

I'll try drumming to anything and keep at it until someone tells me to shut up! :)

I think Tom's locked down group creation so that there aren't just thousands of unused ones knocking around... He'll be along soon and - as if by magic - a new group will appear..! Or not :).

*** Submitted by perreko on

*** Submitted by perreko on Sun, 12/07/2008 - 13:04
** "i feel that EXPERIMENTAL would fit better
** here ...and feel it even bigger freedom place than
** the "free jazz" land"

I agree with this sentiment enormously, perreko. I think you make an outstanding point - "experimental" music is much bigger than "free jazz". Sometimes so much space can be overwhelming, too!

Anyway, would anyone else like a "Harmolodics" group? I know I sure would! How do I start it, is it easy enough to do?

Free jazz is now called

Free jazz is now called Experimental

I did hear you doing some

I did hear you doing some jazzy stuff on ya bass Perreko and tried to keep up but the bpi needed to be a bit bigger. That can also be a prob straying from the met is we don't stay in bpi and can all sound out of time and key with each other.

There were some essence of Jazz scales in there though from all, maybe where we were out of met that we didn't match up on key?
Still it was fun just felt a bit staved of some progression at times.

I also don't want to upset people in any way or form, and text can come across in the wrong way at times.
I don't believe in telling someone something is good if it is not, we learn from our mistakes and if people are led to believe they make none well they just become one of them really bad singers on Pop Idol that says, oh all my family and friends told me I was good.
that's not to say I'm saying the Free Jazz was rubbish before I was surprised actually how good some were playing, how inventive all was in the jam.

I do think like some others though that the group should be renamed or contain more jazz but that's only my opinion and whilst I'm able to have one I will give it. :D

Oh btw, I like being out of the met in case I made it sound like I didn't, I feel free to express more.

Also anders, there's a cue, wait your turn, more important people are in front of you. ;D And you'd have to know me very personally to know what I know, and you don't know me at all. :S

hi, i was thinking about

hi, i was thinking about that labeling thing too... wasnt any free jazz, as we were kinda slaves of a damn click first of all lol the end its music and how you aproach it what really counts .mmmm i think i did some swingy basslines at some point :)) i feel that EXPERIMENTAL would fit better here ...and feel it even bigger freedom place than the "free jazz" land.hoping to join another sax hell soon :)) i think jim done great as a mere expression of free behaviour....and musically too, i listened to the recording and like a lot what he contributed

Hi Andy You are just walking

Hi Andy
You are just walking around in circles, you don't know anything about anything

Best to you

Yes, I think you are spot

Yes, I think you are spot on. The discussion is also very fruitful.
Experimental jam group might be the solution?

I always enjoy a session of

I always enjoy a session of free musical expression, and the first Free Jazz jam was a success, I believe.

However, I can't help but feel that what got played then was closer to what might be labled "experimental music" rather than "free jazz".

The reason why I say this is because I associate free jazz more with the music produced by the likes of, say, Ornette Coleman or Cecil Taylor.

Call their kind of music "harmolodics" if you like (Ornette does), but I think what was missing from a jam labled "free jazz", were strong variations in time, tempo, and rhythm (not to mention volume and dynamics, to a lesser degree).

When these characteristics are missing, it changes the music a great deal, I believe. When they are missing, I think of the musical expression more in terms of "sound experiments".

I think of "experimental music" more as an exploration of sound, tone, and timbre, with a much lesser emphasis on rhythm, etc.

I would define our frist jam more closely as that, an "expreimental" tone jam - since it lacked the qualities of "jazz", per se.

What are the "qualities of jazz", you ask? Well, what is most important to jazz is that it *swing*. There was no clear swing present in our free jazz jam. I don't think anyone would argue with that statement.

Having said this, please let me say that it's not my goal to insult or hurt anyone's feelings, or to try and take over the Free Jazz group, because I think Pete (Unfretted Guitars) has a very clear sense of what he wants his music to be.

Therefore, I was thinking that I'd like to start another group, possibly more precisely named "Harmolodics", closer in spirit to the music of Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor, in which there would be much more a sense of rhythm, etc, and not so much a "minimalist exploration of space".

My wish by saying all this is only to increase our possibilities as musicians. Any comments?

No IGJ Jim, not you, you

No IGJ Jim, not you, you left as I was joining.

It was good but hours of the same with no clear path can take away the specialness of it a bit.
But next time I think people will put much more thought into there pieces, its the sort of piece of music that needs someone to conduct. Next time maybe someone come and conduct everyone, would let people get deep into it but have some guidance on where to go.

Anyway whens the next one? :)

I thought it was a good

I thought it was a good session! It is made by people who paticipate.

Andy I thought it was a very

Andy I thought it was a very inspiring session. I don't know if you are referencing me (re your ref to 'Jim') but don't think so or hope not. I really dug it and knew it was Free Jazz and was trying to be 'free' in expression. I was invited to join by collaborater from another project who I often NinJam with, Peter Thorn. We are in a trio called Jin Dream (



Ok thanks thats cool, its

Ok thanks thats cool, its better like that.

I went to part of the Free Jazz, it was cool, just after a few hours of it it became a bit stale and I started to get urges to paint something and watch it dry. ;P

But no its pretty good it says so and so is in session.
Jim came in and didn't realise it was Free Jazz session and was sorta taking the mick out the music, I'd probs have as well if I didn't know what was going on.

So on connection could it not post a message to peoples ninjam?
Don't know how hard this would be to implement but it would be pretty cool if it did, as some don't visit the site and won't know whats going on.

Lol thanks synthany my

Lol thanks synthany my timezone was set 2 hours ahead :P
Changed the front timer.

my calendar time says 15:00,

my calendar time says 15:00, but I think Tom is in my timezone.
I'm confused about the time.
Is it going to be 3:00 pm pst (15:00)?

Yeah didnt expect it but

Yeah didnt expect it but event time appears to change depending on
your timezone (set in your profile) So Calendar event time is
in your timezone. (here is says 13:00)

On the calender is has FREE

On the calender is has FREE JAZZ @ 23:00, is that pst?

Thanks tom for your help!

Thanks tom for your help!

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