c lydian over fmaj

hey together.
I try to understand the lydian mode. So used a Fmaj chord and played a Cmaj over it.
On a Dmaj chord i played the Amaj scale. So its always the augmented forth which makes the difference.
Qestion1: Right or wrong?
Do you have song examples for instrumental solos over a maj chords for me ?
Thanks and warm greeting, Thomas

Il aborde les modes de la

Il aborde les modes de la gamme d'une façon simple.
Je vais m'en inspirer et on se retrouve dans une prochaine session.
Salut :)
Les modes

Salut Bilos , merci beacoup

Salut Bilos , merci beacoup -) (Je te tiendrais au courant de mes exercises)

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You're right Thomas it is

You're right Thomas it is the #IV that gives the color lydian

This major scale has an augmented fourth starting from the tonic. This gives it a rather curious melodic tint.

For more theory you will find plenty of thing here.
Look at "Les Modes de la gamme Majeur"

And to train you ears, you can jam on BT on C Lydian
C lydian Chord C E F# B
Center tonal G ionian scale : G A B C D E F#
Tip to improvise uses the major modes G scale : G ionian, C Lydian and D Mixolydian. (Starting note G, C or D)

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