Funky Jam

This is a pretty funky jam from last night. I added a singer to it and it's now a sure to be hit song and yes... I've already submitted it to most of the major record labels. So if any of you guys who played on it want to talk to me about possible future royalties, I'll be out back by the pool behind my mansion. Please watch out for the guard dogs though.!As2pB_HgHmhQgSUjnZeqsos_QrbQ

Thanks for checking out the

Thanks for checking out the jam Donati. We had a good groove going throughout, however I admittedly edited and looped Trashcanhead's drums to tighten it up somewhat and emphasize those important upbeat accent, rhythmic hooks in the groove. I also added drum machine handclap's. That singer could sing the phone book and it would still sound great in the right key. I just came across her stuff online and occasionally try and use it over jams to make them almost sound like actual songs. I still haven't heard back from the major record labels though. Anyways... I got mansion-swimming pool type stuff to go do, see you later.

Hi Mutant, Beyond the joke,

Hi Mutant,
Beyond the joke, when we hear what the "major record labels" can propose sometimes, your "Do you really love me" is a very cool song :)
Try a "minor record label" :D

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