Fun jam with Polmac Mutant and Beebop

Thank you Hammer, your

Thank you Hammer, your comment makes me happy. As I have already told you, I always find pleasure to play with you and in the spirit that you indicate. We share the same friend, I hope you are not jealous ;-)

Hoping that Google Translate has correctly translated my comment.

Thank you for the mix and the musicians of this jam.

----------- In french ;)
Merci HammerOn, ton commentaire me fait bien plaisir. Comme je te l'ai déjà dit, je trouve toujours du plaisir à jouer avec toi et dans l'esprit que tu indiques. Nous partageons la même amie, j'espère que tu n'est pas jaloux.;-)

En espèrant que Google Translate a correctement traduit mon commentaire.

Merci pour le mix et aux musiciens de cette jam.

Thanks Benji, Zenuck,

Thanks Benji, Zenuck, Mutant,

I love it when I hear people are just enjoying making music and creating some vibe..
Beebops plays the percussion so nice as is Polmac playing his harmonica and you playing nice basslines.
And most of all enjoying the moment.

Thats what we have and share...

Frankly the original guitarsound and play was better but volume was low and I couldnt separate it from the track.

Music is my best friend and it will be my last..

Sounds mellow HammerOn,

Sounds mellow HammerOn, always great to have your vocals on a jam.

Hello Hammeron. Beautiful

Hello Hammeron. Beautiful song. I enjoyed the mix too. Thanks for sharing.

Nice jam

Nice jam

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