Friday Night Theme Ideas + Friday Night Jam 28th April 2017 Full Version


Hiya all, first of all here's the Full version Friday Night (Space Theme).
If you want to look at some edits of the highlights check out Zenucks YouTube page.
Make sure to subscribe, he puts a lot of work into it.

I'm looking for some Theme ideas, I really want all you guys who play or hangout or watch in the background of after to have a say.
So post some of your theme idea's and any I know I can achieve I will try to make.

I play keys so it's hard to

I play keys so it's hard to get a cam on me and the keys at the same time, so I've setup another cam showing the keys too.
Now obs has the 3d transform I can get the keys on looking right.

Also I rarely Mute, I'll lower someone and mix them in so they don't make it sound bad for the listeners of the streams.

But I will periodically up them when they fit, but I can't leave them up if they not playing with the jam in progress at the time.

Andy: I would like on your

Andy: I would like on your videos to see you more play live. 4 hours drinking beers and pushing faders while spinning loops. I shredd your video in record time and I do not come on this kind of performance without musical interest. The soloists get bored very quickly. But I recognize you are good at adjusting yours faders with your mouse.
Short loops make you drunk faster than beer I guess! It's the effect on me
It becomes the musical Middle Ages here!

Soon it will be forbidden to play diminished fifths ............ Dorian exclusive mode lol ...... forbidden to talk about signal processing ...... Mute Bilos automatically with jamtaba ........Have fun with that


Hi, Andy. I'll leave some

Hi, Andy. I'll leave some ideas, maybe you can get free images to use.

And other games

Nature and Animals:

For example:

Friday nigth - Shark theme

Using animal names increases the amount of themes. Preparing all friday night and choosing a new theme every week without repeating is not easy.

Using the planets, there are already 9 themes. We can also use the Sun, then the Moon. It would be good if those who usually participate in Friday nigth consulted Forum Ninbot to know in advance the theme and thus write some simple texts, related to the theme to using during Jam. All according to the possibility of each one.

Thx for Friday :)

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