Forum and Server Rules

Okay first off let be say this post really doesnt apply to 99% of you.
Since Im not big on a lot of rules, we are only going to have one...

be cool

Since a lot of people may interpret this differently,
heres a definition...

  • Dont start fights
  • Dont threaten people
  • Dont post/say things that are critical of others.
  • Dont use nasty language
  • Dont hurt the vibe

  • Being "uncool" may result in any of the following:

  • deleting of your posts or comments
  • blocking of your account
  • banning of your ip from the server

  • This applies to not only the forum,
    but especially the servers where we play.
    Again sorry to those this doesnt apply to.
    Thanks for keeping this a fun place to hang out and jam.

    Love,Peace and Music


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