Find BAND members (I WANT YOU!)

Hello people, I am Andrew and I live in France.
I would like to form a BAND ("virtual") to write original pieces.
What I want is that there is a constant like in a real band, so with a fixed a day and an heure every week.
I play guitar and some synths and some other instrument.

For genres only for lovers of instrumental. As a reference band and influences I look for a style that ambient/instrumental/soundscapes bands, starts from Tycho and until to Wintergatan and others.(is just one idea for start)
Here are some links of these 2 bands.

I am looking for the following members:
1 Bass guitar
1 drum
1 or more keyboard / synth

then if someone plays some different instrument, they are welcome for some tests (for example, percussion instruments,Chordophone and / or Aerophone.)

The formation of the band must be stable just like in reality.

No super, hyper virtuoso
No timewaster
No foley
No super least know your instrument

Just passionate people and with the desire to have fun.

For those interested, messages here or private, or in jam sessions on ninbot servers to play and try.
This week, starting from tomorrow, November 7, I will be present every afternoon from 15:30 (3.30 pm) (CET), UTC +1 (Currently Central European Time).
Look for Andrew

I speak English, French and Italian

See you soon! :)

I know a good electric

I know a good electric violinist that may be interested if you are. Lemme know at

Hey bob, please get back to

Hey bob, please get back to me here or on torbenscharling at g mail do t c0m :D

Hello Torben, I am sorry, I

Hello Torben,
I am sorry, I was out during last week. I responded you back in PM now.

you sent me a message?I have

you sent me a message?I have not received anything from you Torber. :(

pm sent - no info on you

pm sent - no info on you "bob"

Yeah... Tycho! Great band!

Yeah... Tycho! Great band! They have a nice groovy flow. I'm sure a sound like this would work on ninjam too. I will see if I can manage it to come online the next days at the given time. See you guys!

Salut moi ça m'intéresse

Salut moi ça m'intéresse

Thanks bob, interesting your

Thanks bob, interesting your project, for now the sessions will be on the public servers, many times at certain times are free, so there is always a place. :)

I'm really happy, someone has already presented and this afternoon we talked and played on loops. There seems to be motivation and desire to do it. That's what I was looking for.

Keyboard /Synth Players come forward, we need you :)

see you tomorrow in the afternoon.

bye, thank you :)

Hi Andrew, I am just

Hi Andrew,
I am just finishing my nonstop running PRIVATE NINJAM server, which will have its own reservation (booking) system, so you can reserve day, start-hour and length of session, you add your player mates userbames and session password. You will get all these info back in email and also will get email when your session is actually becoming active (in case you would forget about it) :-)
If you would like to test it for reliability (the server itself) and also for booking system, let me know here.
All will be free of charge, of course. I started to make it because many times I had need to hide my musical tests behind the closed door, you know, not everything should be publically transmitted "On Air". So, while public servers are great for meet many peaple from all the countries of the world to just jam and have a good time, then if you are making songs or anything like that, you need to close the door.

Hope you find some players to form the "band".


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