Hiya all, BK (bringkeys) came across this little beauty, and unlike some similar apps this one actually works and works real good.

Introducing Droid Cam, atm for windows and linux only though :/

So anyone who wants to use obs to stream their cams can still use their iphone/ipad or Android phone/tablet as a Webcam on the pc.
It works as USB or WIFI with USB being quicker of the two but WiFi for me was pretty low latency too.

I tried a few of these but they were probmatic, specially the ones which installed a virtual webcam driver on the pc, to be picked up by obs or other software.
But this works flawless for me and BK and may help some who's phones were over heating or crashing with other apps.
This will allow anyone with an issue to see on their pc the camera of their phone/tablet and know if there's any issues with out being told their cam has stopped.

The other great thing too is your phones mic can be used, some webcams have mics but I found the setup instant, no hassle and mic and image worked fine.
I think me and BK spoke for hours with no cam issues at all.

Here's the link for the app and windows/linux software. On the Windows software it installs a virtual cam driver, so when you select a webcam it will show in the list,
then you run the software, tell it usb or wifi entering the number it tells you on the phone and instantly your phone is a webcam.


I'm going to explore other apps and services and see which could be pulled or pushed. One idea which woudl involve Tom doing a bit on ninbot for it which he may not have time for, but is some of the services like facebook live, google hangout and many others. Where people could down load one of those apps, go live and possibly ninbots cam server could pull the streams.

People could be live individually too then if they wanted or just stream private just for ninbot's cam server to pull it.

I'm going to look into what parts of a hangout can be pulled and pushed, but at the end of the day as long as we can pull individual streams for possible video editing later.

Anyway thanks again Bringkeys, great find m8.

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