Hi all,

Is it possible for us to make one or several albums and channel the income towards a charity organisation ?

I suggest that every contributor pay 10 Euros as a participation fee. A guarantee that some funds are raised.
The album in itself will give some revenue on its own if there are buyers out there.

So far I made contact with the Swedish Red Cross and asked if we can have a special account set up for this

This is just an Idea and hoping for this to mature and that everyone is involved from the beginning.

A bit brief here on purpose :)

Tom, That sounds good, this

Tom, That sounds good, this could be a way to deal with the CC question...

Thats great Andy, one of many ways :)

Well I think that's a good

Well I think that's a good idea too, and will be good to explore the player.

K I thought of an idea for the first song, very acoustic and also lets some use some of their many cool real instruments.

I started some chords and was thinking The Doors meets ABBA.
I know weird right?, but but it allows for that American Europe feel.

Some stuff I laid is just temp to help show the idea and will need others to play the parts instead.

BPI: 16
Chords: Bb Eb Bb F Cmin Bb F

This current peice is loopable and downloadable.
It's a secret link so not public.

Simple upload your stems (your tracks only) and make it private if on soundcloud, or use dropbox or somit and post your links here.
Then we can collect parts and start piecing them together.

One thing that might be

One thing that might be interesting to explore is loops....
As some of you know each time we play we create lots
of Ogg files. If you take any single ogg file and load into
ableton and it will loop nicely.

Anyway maybe a collection of 100 loopable clips for DJs.
Maybe even each contributor could wave their CC rights on the single ogg
so the end user could make commercial songs with the content.

Just a thought

Cry Vinyl has made a huge

Cry Vinyl has made a huge come back, people more likely to buy something new on vinyl then cd.

But that would be an awesome idea making something and having it printed on Vinyl, even if just we had a copy, our own white label. :)

Also Clever peeps in Japan have just worked out how to get higher than CD quality on Cassette.

I still remember sellotaping over the hole to make sure I couldn't accidentally record on something. :)

Phil, thats more than I have

Phil, thats more than I have :)

I count on you two to partisipate on this project ! Could well be that it starts in winter so everyone have time to think about it. Cheers

haha peter i only have a 8mm

haha peter i only have a 8mm or 24" for support

sorry , no K7

Phil and Bilos, you are

Phil and Bilos, you are Welcome to join in and make an album !

Interesting read about cassettes ...

please save Phil D ! make a

please save Phil D !

make a CD for Bilos, and phil D

they need a good ninbot therapy !

100% fake

please do not steal his concepts,
I have already deposited the ninbot CD and the ninbot tour, 15 years ago!
no one answered this call

and I will pay 1 euro to save Bilos and phil D , for shure

i take 70% !!!!!!!


ridiculous !

vinyl = dead , CD = dead , mp3 = not shure , ogg sometimes !

No the paying market is only

No the paying market is only that generated by all and more if picked up in the right places or pushed in the right places.
But it was just something cool to do.
I ask this, how much you making for ninjamming atm?
So if contributing is just adding ya playing to other tracks laid, then what's it matter if it makes loads or nothing.

Maybe some have precious time but Unfretted was suggesting jamming and using separate tracks to crated something and having more jams based on them to progress it further.

It's meant to be a bit of fun which could lead to more things that are fun.

Millions of musicians = 99.9%, us = 0.01%
If you make something your proud of then until we all die it will be something we were happy to be part of.

So many so good at giving all others advice then when something happens that lets ya feel good about what ya do, even if it don't make money then it was worth it.

Also people have got mbe's for similar stuff and also moved into the right places to shine more. But that's just my carrot on a stick but it is true.

Why not make it an eurovision event, that's coming up soon, we could make a fun theme night of it and try make a track from the night.

I love spending time online jamming with you guys and now and then it would be nice to have a memory of our time.

Think of this, every bad thought you have about someone else for an action or their personality is a nail into your own happiness.
Judging is putting walls up and dictating to yourselves how you should see and accept things.
Be more inviting and open up and get over your own prejudiced of others and things then you have nothing that can down turn your mood.
Your then become free to be and do what you want, your then become free to be the REAL YOU.

We're raised into a flat wall society, but when you get really close there is actually a lot happening underneath the cliche.

Concept boiled down. Every

Concept boiled down.

Every contributor pays 10 euros as a partisipation fee. A guarantee that funds are raised. The album itself will give zero revenue.

Andy, if you think there's a

Andy, if you think there's a paying market for music made here please ignore any negativity you perceive on my part.

It makes no difference what I think of any music - in terms of whether people have fun making it, or people want to watch, listen or buy it.

You've been at it here much longer than me and perhaps you see a (paying) market that I miss by just paying attention to numbers of people who watch the video streaming you organize and the mixes people post.

I thought this was a good

I thought this was a good idea, an opportunity to do a little more with a jam but just negativity was thrown at it.
So many places online have so much going on and I think it lacks here because of people's attitudes sometimes.

Sometimes all we hear is people complaining about music related stuff and when something is plopped in their lap they find reasons why not too.
It's a very human thing and musicians are meant to be outside that box.

I seen years on ninjam has been like an ego ball busting competition about how much someone learnt over someone else. :S

But when the option to put up or shut up comes up, peeps just fold inwards and poke at it.

Life is very much like gravity, you go up, you come down, up and down, up and down. But it's much more fun than being stuck in the middle. ;)

Maybe a better idea would be

Maybe a better idea would be to start a charity for us. Nowadays I've seen GoFundMe campaigns for people who befell some kind of tragedy in life and if anyone just listens to most of the jams here, one immediately begins to get a real sense of the kind of musical suffering behind it all.

The idea of raising money

The idea of raising money for charity by selling music made by ninjam/jamtaba musicians is a kind and generous idea, it's also completely delusional.

There's very little music made on this medium that's good enough to even be listened to for free by anyone other than the musicians themselves or maybe, begrudgingly, by their friends. Check out how many people watch videos of recordings of jams. Hardly any.
Newsflash!!! It's because it just ain't that good or special.

Ultimately this medium is a way for anyone with an instrument or buttons that trigger a sound to interact with others and have fun. No guarantees of talent, creativity or capability - if you can plug it in you have the same access as someone who's been studying and playing for decades. The talentless and tone deaf can have as much fun (maybe more) than dedicated musicians.

While it's conceivable that a few of the more competent musicians here could schedule to all be on together at the same time to work out some musical ideas/pieces, learn and record them - in all honesty I just don't see that happening.

What is easier to accomplish is clicking on a button that allows anyone to donate to needy people through a trustworthy charity. All organisations are going to have some bad individuals in them, but that doesn't mean the organization as a whole is not doing an overwhelmingly good job of helping people. There are good and effective charities out there. Tell us which one you want us to give to and why. (And have the portal be in English because that's the international language used here.)

Thanks guys for thoughts. It

Thanks guys for thoughts. It could well be a nonstarter and I dont mind :) As the saying goes, It was a great Idea but it didnt work.

Alfred, If I hadn't been a Diabetic I would have accepted an invitation to Gambia from Alagi MBye. My dream was to try a Kora and in the end built one from scratch. One evening there was an event in town, West Africa meets Jazz and that included a Kora Master.So I brought the Kora to ask for some tips and also the most useful tuning. He was so kind and interested as he was a Kora builder himself. He said, Welcome down to my workshop, there is a bed for you and food, and I teach you how to make a traditional Kora, but give us plenty of notice so we can prepare an Antilope skinn for you.

Not the average music store exactly...

Here he is testing it. Strings are made out of strimmer line. Later on I ordered real Kora strings from africa and they were a lot firmer and I think they are harp strings. If anyone will build one, use guitar tuning gear, and you can make small adjustments.

From one of their West Africa meets Jazz conserts.

qui Bono? I hope you

qui Bono?

I hope you unfretted, I would not mind if you pay yourself and other particpants for all the extra work. But we all allready play for free, and we might get some valuable exposure. So the music should be free.

I suggest you personaly go deliver musical instruments to the poor in Africa. Get the media and some big music stores to participate. Also that big Swedish streaming music company Spotify could sponsor by pushing those streams and doubling the proceeds.

Maybe a CD would still sell if it is for a special charity and when it gets written and talked about in the media. For a label I would suggest NinjaTune or ECM.

I do not trust any NGO or charity, but I do trust you unfretted.

Well there is Kompoz (not my

Well there is Kompoz (not my fav), splice, ohmstudio. Ohm studio being probs simplest and most realtime collaboration. Also it uses ogg too so they import no prob.

I been for ages wanting to do a session in ohm studio but also using jamtaba in their. So we can hear each other live and record direct in the tracks too. Others with plugins can do the cleaning, editing and rebounce new tracks whilst still leaving the originals in tact.

Also it is maybe better to donate partial amounts to charity, so say using a free distributor would be anything from %15 to %30, then the difference up to 50% so say if it was 30% charity would get %20 then the remaining %50 is split between artists. Making music isn't free, cost of equipment, software and time.
But the difference between distribution cost and 50% is still much better than most charities actually give from each euro, dollar, pound they make.
Also tbh knowing there is some kind of fee for the time and effort gets peeps giving more and making more an effort.

Some distribution sites also help push the song plays and so on, because they only make money if it's played, so the % they earn from it is worth it to get more plays, more money for contributors and charity.

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Ya I'm sure there are decent

Ya I'm sure there are decent honest people and organizations out there too, just like there are politicians in it for the right reasons, and politicians in it for the wrong reasons... Anyway good luck with the project...I just saw Facebook has a charity thing you can create one, if they approve it it could be run by you, not some potentially crummy big organization you have no control over :)

PS. not saying I trust Facebook, but hey, at least you would be able to be more hands on with it, on a platform that has many users, unlike ninbot, and potentially check if the received money actually go to those you wish for, hopefully....

Torben, yes I remember

Torben, yes I remember clearly how the Red Cross was rotten inside and was upset too, very much so. It was a bad example, sorry.

This was a start just to see how easy it would be to open an account that we all could use. I have used UNICEF for donations earlier. Instead of presents for christmas, we donated 50 Euro. There again, can you be sure it goes to the right place ?
Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Human Rights Watch ...there are lots to choose from..

mutant, Downloads sounds good

Sorry to burst your bubble,

Sorry to burst your bubble, but ya, CD's are not a medium people release on now a days. And ya, Red Cross and many other "charity" crime organizations are scum of this earth.

Here's a nice one for you unfretted, nice local swedish f***er from red cross jailed:

Oh, and look, even "musicians" frame the naive and waste precious money that should have gone to help people in need:

I vote for a Donate button so listeners can donate directly to each individual Ninbot player through paypal donation link, so we can keep healthy and keep making free music.

Sounds like a nice idea

Sounds like a nice idea unfretted. But do people actually buy or even use CD's anymore? Although I believe I have in fact seen consumer oriented CD manufacturer services, for what I gather are vanity type releases etc. Perhaps a digital release would be a more viable approach. Maybe we could essentially create a type of Ninjam musicians Netlabel to promote such charity projects.

maybe you should read up on

maybe you should read up on how well/bad Red Cross uses the money they receive. I don’t see any benefit from this project just wasted time and handing off money to the wrong people

@Andy, A few years ago the

@Andy, A few years ago the basic Idea was to ask Ninbot for permission to use the servers over a December- March period. That way we would have plenty of time to produce material for a project.

Wasn't thinking of any genre in particular. Best is to have several going. Back then I had a better idea of who played with who and would have suggested small groups. Now I'm out of touch...

Had a positive reply from the Red Cross. Asked for a Project account that was accessible from several countries and gave them a brief of what we do. In return we got a goahead, Start your own fund raising event and a big Thank You :)

Quite a lot to write, and a selection of ongoing charity branches to choose from. So far it's looking like it's only available from Sweden, hmmmmm..Bit by bit :)

The contributiors should get

The contributiors should get payed, not the other way around. I’m not giving a dime to red cross, that’s for sure. Maybe better to contact people in your local community haven’t met many revenue driven ninjammers so maybe a local community collection would be a bigger hit, or go busking in Sweden in the name of charity or something like that. Television still suck a lot of people’s hard earned cash for various BS charity causes too, so maybe try TV/Radio also.

What genre/s you thinking of

What genre/s you thinking of Pete?
Which platform would be used to collab?

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