Andrew isn't Andrew

Hey guys, I think a problem with ninbot site, but there are another Andrew, and when is connect emerge as ME but from Ukraine!, with my photo and my account. The guy same ok, is not a fake or a account thief, how is possible :(, is from december 2017 that I do not connect for jam.
Not cool !

You're still confusing

You're still confusing things.

ReaNINJAM, Jamtaba etc do not connect to the ninbot forum site.

They connect to public servers.

Anyone can use any name they like on a public server.

They're public.

If someone connects as "aaaa" and someone else as "aaa" then if you search for jams by "aa" you'll find all of "aa", "aaa", "aaaa", "aab", "aaba", etc, etc jams. Searching for "andrew" will also find "andrew85" and so on. In fact, searching for "zz" will get you "joozz" and "Grizz" and searching for "mmy" will get you "TommY1ghz".

That's just how the search function works - any substring match. It's not looking for anything connected to forum accounts.

I'm obviously talking about

I'm obviously talking about the ninbot site, the problem is that everyone can use double names, on Jamtaba, reaper ect ..., so online the ninbot site registered users appear as active. So the other musician friends, clearly think that I am playing by seeing my online account. In addition the recordings made by ninbot, are mixed with the others.
There will be a solution, as in other sites to avoid this problem. ?!
My first thought was that they stole my account, but then I spoke to my namesake who had no fault.

he hoped to be clearer, thanks bye :)

The best reason for a unique

The best reason for a unique ninjam name is for finding your mp3s later.
I used tom as my ninjam name for 1 week till I found 10 other toms.
Andrew the ninjam system includes many servers not just ninbot.
We dont have logins. Please pick a UNIQUE name

Be clearer when you write

Be clearer when you write messages. It's hard to understand what you are trying to say.

Are you talking about the ninbot jam servers?

Are you talking about the ninbot forum site?

What do you mean "take a photo"?

What "data from the account" are you talking about?

What do you mean "all sessions are registered in the same name"?

Try giving examples or explaining what steps to take so that someone else could see for themselves what you mean.

I think is the ninbot's site

I think is the ninbot's site the problem, is a bug. When another guy is connected with the same name, he take photo and data from the account, and all session are registred in the same name.
Strange bug.

Public jam servers are not

Public jam servers are not protected by accounts - anyone can use any name to connect.

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