Mixing 2nd Update: Live Jamming Events

One other tiny HUGE detail:

the order in which devices are started is important. For example, I was suddenly
getting a lot of latency from the computer running the music apps and connected
to the MOTU, so I re-booted the computer leaving the MOTU on and connected, and
that fixed it! So I guess the MOTU should be started first, then the computer.

One more update:

The 1/8" mic jack doesn't cut it for vocals so I'm back to XLR directly to MOTU,
along with the feed from NINJAM and other players.
The routing is the tricky part, but I think I can fit everyone in the MOTU 828

Ninbot Player Update

Updates to the Ninbot mp3 player today.
Thanks for everyone who tested the beta.

- MP3 editing from within the player
- Comments are now displayed in all the lists
- Volume slider works! (amazing no one mentioned this)
- Fix for resizing list display glitch
- Fix for paging numbers
- Linking and Embedding now treats spaces in query correctly
- Duration of file now visible
- Player now plays backwards by default which
is forward in time. (and confusing to most)

Having ReaNINJAM glitches?

No, it's not necessarily the folks you're jamming with... Everyone needs to get Reaper 2.5.
Some of us had been having problems with 2.45 and 2.46.
See this thread: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=25619

No longer relevant:
Old downloads: http://reaper.fm/download-old.php

Ninbot Mural in Hollywood

Haha laughed when I saw this work in progress. Will have to drive by
and get a shot when its done.

More pics on the site below.

New Site Now Online

The new site is now just coming online.

User accounts and passwords have been moved to the
new system so returning users shouldnt need to re-register.

Hope you all enjoy the new features.

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