Which Ninjam app do you use?

Was helping with some bug fixes on the client and
thought it would be cool to take of survey of
which clients people are using.

You can vote for more than one client,
but mainly interested in which one people use every day.

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Happy New Year`

Happy New Year to one and all.......

Ho Ho Ho Happy Holiday Jamming

Hey Kids-

Dont forget to come by 2049 and visit Santa today.
Come tell Santa your holiday ninjam wish!

French and Japanese

To make navigation a little easier for those
in other countries the server now supports both
French and Japanese Languages. To set your language just edit your profile.

If anyone has any other languages they'd like to see
let me know.

On a side note, if you can translate Japanese or French please let
me know as this will be an ongoing project.

Btw careful about setting your language to something you dont know.
I had some fun with Japanese today.

-- update --

Just added a Japansese and French language forum

Ninbot Chat

Some more fun today.
We now have a jam lobby:)

Translates languages as well!


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