French and Japanese

To make navigation a little easier for those
in other countries the server now supports both
French and Japanese Languages. To set your language just edit your profile.

If anyone has any other languages they'd like to see
let me know.

On a side note, if you can translate Japanese or French please let
me know as this will be an ongoing project.

Btw careful about setting your language to something you dont know.
I had some fun with Japanese today.

-- update --

Just added a Japansese and French language forum

Ninbot Chat

Some more fun today.
We now have a jam lobby:)

Translates languages as well!

Distributed Audio Event

Some cool cats from the Distributed Audio group are
on the server today. Here is a link.


Here is a recording from the event.
Pretty crazy around 8:00-10 minutes in :)

Friday: LIVE EVENT video


here's a tiny video snippet of how we looked onscreen at UCLA.
my friend shot more video of us in the lab at UCSC, and as soon
as he gets it to me i'll post it.

open_borders: Rehearsal Wednesday 11/19 at 6:00 p.m. PST
SHOW: Friday 11/21 at 7:00 p.m. PST
*please note updated time of Friday performance

Please do also forward the stream to anyone you might want to announce it to.

the flash link will be available here:

the real player will be available here:

Mixing 2nd Update: Live Jamming Events

One other tiny HUGE detail:

the order in which devices are started is important. For example, I was suddenly
getting a lot of latency from the computer running the music apps and connected
to the MOTU, so I re-booted the computer leaving the MOTU on and connected, and
that fixed it! So I guess the MOTU should be started first, then the computer.

One more update:

The 1/8" mic jack doesn't cut it for vocals so I'm back to XLR directly to MOTU,
along with the feed from NINJAM and other players.
The routing is the tricky part, but I think I can fit everyone in the MOTU 828

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