Which ninjam server is the "live"one?

I like to use the ninbot Player to stream the ninjam servers live at times, but I've wondered, since there are sometimes more than one ninjam server occupied, which server gets priority?

I ask because I'd like to know who I'm listening to play, is all.

Thanks for the help. Ninbot/ninjam continue to rule my world lately! Thanks to the creators and maintainers as usual.

That is actually a "best of

That is actually a "best of stream". Not Live.
+Radio voted songs.

Those are the ninbot servers

Those are the ninbot servers that are selectable from the "Live" link at the top of the Ninbot page, yes?

What I'm referring to is in the actual Player, under the dropdown menu choice of "Live" - there are listings for "studio", "2050", "2051", and then "ninjam".

It's that final "ninjam" listing in the Player that I am asking about.

All the ninbot servers

All the ninbot servers broadcast live.
Each has its own channel or url
so there is no priority

2049 http://ninbot.com:8000/studio.m3u
2050 http://ninbot.com:8000/2050.m3u

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