Having ReaNINJAM glitches?

No, it's not necessarily the folks you're jamming with... Everyone needs to get Reaper 2.5.
Some of us had been having problems with 2.45 and 2.46.
See this thread: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=25619

No longer relevant:
Old downloads: http://reaper.fm/download-old.php

And "the all new rob" for

And "the all new rob" for posting in the bug reports forum. Otherwise I'd have spent ages wondering "is it just me", like everyone else was! (I still had to go bug Justin the in 2.47alpha forum, though.)

So to all reading this, what

So to all reading this, what this means is update to latest versino of reaper or downgrade to 2.44 or lower.

This could mean a possible update to the server again, with a warning telling people to use latest reaper client.
Could be the only way to get rid of the prob or people tell every one.

I wonder if this has been causing the lag to, when someone has asio probs I think this can cause lag also from my experience.

Anyway a lot have to thank u Pljones for ya persistence in finding a solution for all.

So thanks m8. :P

Cheers -- hopefully 2.47

Cheers -- hopefully 2.47 will resolve it anyway.

Easy to spot now

Easy to spot now

Actually, I was wrong. It

Actually, I was wrong. It is partly the folks you're jamming with.

If you're running 2.45 or 2.46, please read this!

You can use the old reaper_ogg.dll from 2.44 in later versions to circumvent the problem. However, until *everyone* is off 2.45 and 2.46, then the problem will remain. Justin hopes 2.47 will fix it.

I think this fact, of noise

I think this fact, of noise and interference with the latest build of Reaper, needs to be posted conspicuously somewhere on the front page of ninbot, so all cats involved can make the switch to 2.42, at least just for ninjam'ming.

Sometimes the static and noise are just too much, at least on this end!

I still got v2.203 but

I still got v2.203 but priority setting in device in options might help, putting it higher or even lower. I had probs with this problem before and that's sorted it. But also webcam, running 640x480 can cause glitches in sound when reducing to 320x240 will make them go away.

Also if using vsti's then CTRL + ALT + DEL then setting your vsti's host to realtime priority can get rid of them, it does for me.

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