Mixing 2nd Update: Live Jamming Events

One other tiny HUGE detail:

the order in which devices are started is important. For example, I was suddenly
getting a lot of latency from the computer running the music apps and connected
to the MOTU, so I re-booted the computer leaving the MOTU on and connected, and
that fixed it! So I guess the MOTU should be started first, then the computer.

One more update:

The 1/8" mic jack doesn't cut it for vocals so I'm back to XLR directly to MOTU,
along with the feed from NINJAM and other players.
The routing is the tricky part, but I think I can fit everyone in the MOTU 828
and control the routing from Cubase or Reaper (preferably).

*****end of update 2*****

Update on Mixing Snafu (live audience):

Setup consists of two computers: one for music apps and one for NINJAM+video+SL;
plus mixer with microphone input. Microphone needs to go through the computer
running music applications to get reverb and audio controlled synths.

The musicputer runs music applications and receives microphone input via 1/8"
built-in jack.

Musiputer sends its output to MOTU 1/2 via 1/8" musiputer out to stereo 1/4" MOTU in.

The NINJAM computer is now connected to the MOTU 828 and seems to sound ok.

I think the problem was that the MOTU 828 was connected to the computer running
the music apps and it should have been connected to the computer running NINJAM.

does this make sense? any suggestions?

****************end update 1***************

Hello You Awesome People: Thank you very much everyone.
I appreciate you staying up late and some - all night!
People were very impressed with you, and I am so fortunate to play with you.

Now I have to apologize because even though the mix was fantastic in the room,
I guess my voice sounded very far away to you. I am stumped what it was but I'm going to figure it out and let you know.

Again, many thanks - I can't wait to do it again.

*******You are all superstars in my book.********

Hiya Jammers!: Tomorrow, Thursday, November 6, at 2:00 p.m. PST until 4:00 p.m.
I will be jamming on the ninbot and ninjam servers, as part of an online music
collaboration workshop I am giving at UC Riverside.

Also, the next evening, Friday, November 7, at around 9:00 p.m. PST, I will be
in concert at UC Riverside.

I know this is quite early for some of my favorite jammers, but maybe you can
take a nap after the regular Friday jam and join us for a bit before you retire.

There will be audience and participants for both the workshop and concert.
It would be great if lots of people were jamming during those time periods.

This is part of the UC Institute for Research in the Arts conference.


Synthany you need to lower

Synthany you need to lower your LOCAL CHANNEL then increase your mic then it will be loud there and here, local channel only effects the sound of your channel there and not what we hear here.
We hear your input volume, local channel only adjusts the volume for client and not server. So if you up your input volume it ups for us here too but then you may become too loud there so you lower your local channel.

There's a good chance I

There's a good chance I won't be about tonight, might be about for the 5am.
Not had a lot of sleep last night, tired but couldn't sleep then kept waking so I'm gonna try get some sleep now if not later about 10:30 here or somit.

Sorry if I end up letting anyone down.

Synthany can you setup any

Synthany can you setup any cams from a few locations?
I'll mix them then and stream it live then they can be downloaded later and put on NINJAM TV also will Stream Live to NINJAM Live Show's

Once you have cams available just hit this page to broadcast them, this contains Jam Cams and some Embedded as well as Live Show feed.

If ya don't want the embedded onscreen I did one with just Jam Cams on there for you.

I'll put up a countdown

I'll put up a countdown

I think PST is 8 hours

I think PST is 8 hours behind GMT so 9pm PST Friday will be 5am GMT Saturday so for some it would mean missing Friday Night here to be there Friday Morning or which probably is easy is staying up then sleeping Saturday, both might be dependent on Alcohol. :P

Today's is 10:00 pm tonight GMT and for most of Europe it will be 11pm to 12pm unless ya South of the UK.

And dont forget (like I did)

And dont forget (like I did) that all our chat shows up
on a big projector during these events :)

Btw Synthia can you bring a webcam?

Wow, that sounds cool -

Wow, that sounds cool - jamming for the Univ set. I'll try to make that! No promises tho.

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