Ninbot jam edited and uploaded


Not able to download anymore **edited

Here I think is a great jam i did with DamNed, OIO and Sparkorn.
I've edited my own recordings.
Sorry you have to wait and download will take a while.
Would be a nice feature when its possible to upload the homeedits directly to Ninbot ;-)

I think its a pretty nice song.
It has its flaws... me ;)
Couldnt edit the wave file itself though, maybe later.

Thx to the guy's I jammed with.
Was real fun ;)

Please leave a message and tell me what you think of it.

I indulge you to post your own jamsongs and edits too

HammerOn (Eric)

Yeah this was a good one. I

Yeah this was a good one.
I point you to the 'warmup' song we made yesterday too which was quite good when we were all uninspired :)
Here it is ->

Hammer Jammer Thx for your

Hammer Jammer
Thx for your comment unfretted ;)
Yeah this is what we jam for.
It's not perfect but it is all about music ;)

Hi Eric , For me thís is a

Hi Eric ,

For me thís is a gripping jam, straight from the heart, fantastic!
Like after 7,05, when the drummer slightly corrects his work.
The human touch is here that's What I like so much.

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