Ok so me, Bassomania, Grizzly and DaMNeD were sitting in a server and Bassomania started to bass, Dmaned started some Drums then started to Wah his Guitar, then Grizzly came in on the action so I started the Stream Live again, it had a few hundred version.

I segmented out the show but part one was too dull as we hadn't got going so I deleted it and went straight to part 2 to 4

http://www.justin.tv/clip/5e778f595ba PART 2
http://www.justin.tv/clip/6f3b73a3e9d PART 3
http://www.justin.tv/clip/7114b1cef39 PART 4

By click part 2 u can then click next clip at the end or under the video u can click next clip.

Enjoy as much as I did as u will see lol.
Next time I'll make sure I'm tidy and not just over a virus. :D

Hiya m8, yeah I was doing

Hiya m8,

yeah I was doing that offline, just testing Justin and got carried away. :) I don't use Reaper in that way, only to run ReaNINJAM.
ReaNINJAM has session mode and with that I can't really combine Cubase unless I rewired it but it can be a bit flaky like that and not stable enough.

The way I do it is Record say other person, then edit it this end so can sorta still do session mode in a different sort of way.

Yo Andy , nice job is that

Yo Andy , nice job

is that you which are building real time session in reaper with cubase in rewire ?

Nice job, hope to play with you ... See you

Groove it !

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