NInbot Groups

namesort iconimagecreatordescriiptionnumber of users
OPTIGAN ONLINEoptigan.jpgSynthanyAll Things Optigan1
Ninbot GaragetomThe Ninbot Garage3
DCBL - DeCiBeLMPC.jpgjonnythefoxDJs, Controllerists, Beatboxers, Live Mashup artists7
NO SILENCEmoi et toi.jpgoio No Silence A group for those which have something to say Révolution and Anarchism3
Living Grounds - Garage Soundsgarage_sounds.jpgSynthanySynthany w/live players onsite and online7
Roboticsrobots_2.jpgDiekElectronics, mutants, androids and implants9
2 guys on the wallPufferHey teacher leave them kids alone7
Ambient GroovetomThe Ambient Groove Society19
Classical Approximation Groupavatar4.jpgrAzzeLThe bot has the baton 7
ExperimentalBE038102.jpgtomGo for it, make the moment matter54
Friday JamtomThe Friday Jam Group7
Metal MayhemNIGHTCHILDfor the adrenaline freaks and those with hardcore attitudes10
Blues Dudes and Dudettesmidnight hour.jpgthenextdayBlues Group26
Funkstersavatar3.jpgfabianfunky since 200613
Global WebjamSynthanyMultiplayer Events in Public Locations12
Reggae GrouptomThe Reggae Group Mon9
Weekend RockersWeekendRockers.jpgpljonesSnatching the barest few hours to jam15
The Ninniesninnie.jpgtomBlimey its the first Ninbot Group8

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