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Freaky Friday

Inspired by thenextday's "No Effects Friday" event and modeled after an experimental jam hosted by Hooserdaddy, this group's mission statement is to host a monthly "Freaky Friday" jam, according to the criteria laid out below:

  • One member volunteers to MC the monthly jam (they pick the time and date)
  • MC picks the "theme" for the jam (ideally something that makes us stretch a bit as jammers)
  • MC must host the event for at least 3 hours (a large window will hopefully result in more participants)
  • Past MCs/Freaky Friday group members make a commitment to try to drop by sometime during each event
  • MC greets jammers as they join

Membership in this group is restricted to ninboters who have volunteered to MC a specific month, so put your money where your mouth is (or your chords, in this case) and do your bit to foster the ninbot community!


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