Culture Reggae

Ce groupe est destiné à être le lieu disposant d'informations liées à l'histoire
musicale du reggae , et des astuces concernant diverses techniques .
Par exemple , apprendre à jouer le style " one drop " ou "steppers " à la batterie ,
comment placer ses skanks de guitare ou bubles au clavier , paramétrer un delay pour du dub , etc ...
Pour à la fin être capable de Jammer en pur plaisir !
This group is designed to be the place where to find informations about the Reggae music history , and some hints
about specific technics .
For example , learn how to play a one drop
style , or a stepper rythm at the drum.
How to place skanks guitar , bubble keyboards etc .
Also how to use and program effects like
delay in dub .
For finally Jamin' in great pleasure !

Rockers , full movie .


Now won with youtube .

African blues Mali


Hi .
I'm impressed by the power of this music , where the force is not provided by powerfull amps , but by the presence of conscious

UB40 Maybe Tomorrow


UB40 Maybe Tomorrow

I dont know how many stars there are
Up in the heavenly sky
I only know my heaven is here on earth
Each time you look into my eyes

Youre all I need to get by

Play for change


" n 2004, Playing for Change's self described goal is to "inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music".

Special invitation


One more Champion in the ring .
I find a good idea in the lyric part .

Perhaps ( per happenings ) you will consider that the hunt for gold was bloody,
and that something is better than gold .

True to my self


"True To Myself"

Life has come a long way since yesterday I say
And its not the same old thing over again I say
Just do what you feel and don't you fool yourself I say

We all are one


Lyrics to We Are All One :

We all are one, we are the same person
I'll be you, you'll be me (Oh, yeah)

Black Pearl !


One one of my favourite "remember" song .
Good for my brain and heart .
Perhaps for you too ?
Enjoy !

I wish you were here ( Alpha Blondy version )


Hi rockers !
Another great song , that is beautiful in the reggae spirit and sound.
" So you think you can tell ..."

Ernest Ranglin - In Search of the Lost Riddim (1998)


Hey !
I've just found that record from Ernest Ranglin , great Jamaican JazzMan .

I 've found also that the structure of the tune is very similar to a jam in nimbot .

The first rastaman


As i have started to talk about the history

How rastas and rockers worked together


That is one of my favorite reggae song ,
as it was interpreted by two " big mouth "
from the two universes .
Yeah , i'm talking about mr Peter Tosh and
mr Mick jagger .

Histoire du Reggae / Reggae history

Blessings to all !
I'm not an historian , and i don't master that kind of things , but they are the roots

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